Screen tearing in mountainous areas

Hi all,

Maybe this is a known issue I’m not aware of, I don’t know.
I did a couple of searches but nothing came up.

Here’s the thing.
I notice severe screen tearing in mountainous areas.
Frame rate is good though, stable 60fps.
Weird thing is that this phenomena only seems to happen with panning the camera in the cockpit when flying in like I said, mountainous areas like the alps for example.

Haven’t experienced it yet somewhere else.

I wonder if I’m the only person witnessing this bahaviour.

Cheers Mark

The image will tear if you don’t use Vsync or adaptive sync (freesync, gsync), in any game. If you are using adaptive sync and fps exceeds the sync range of your monitor, adaptive sync will turn off. So, if your monitor has a sync range of 30-60 and your fps is locked to 60, you might experience tearing because the fps will occasionally go beyond 60. Setting a framerate cap 2-3 fps below the sync range will mitigate this behaviour.


^ what he said, well said sir.

Thanks for your input!
I did cap my fps at 60 within the radeon software.
My monitor supports a freesync range between 48-160hz.

When I use dev mode in the sim, my fps is steady 60.
So this is within range and screen tearing shouldn’t be an issue, right?

So I don’t understand why I am experiencing tearing.

No, even with a locked fps cap, it will tear. Only way to not get tearing is adaptive sync and vsync. The post above explaines everything already.

You are right, it shouldn’t be an issue then. I see similar behaviour with freesync on my machine so it’s probably an issue with the sim and freesync. The only way to eliminate tearing completely is to enable vsync as well, but I don’t think this is worth it if you are somewhat susceptible to input lag. EDIT: assuming you have freesync enabled in the driver.

Yep, double checked that👍🏼

It’s so weird that it just seems to happen when flying through mountainous areas. Although thats what I noticed.
Could happen elsewhere, but thats not what I’ve seen happening before.

What I can do next time to verify if my monitor is in sync with the sim, is to check the refresh rate of the monitor when it happens in the future.

Sim and monitor refresh rate should match.

I saw tearing in the Rockies. Just a seem between two ground “plates”.

I seriously doubt any GFX setting will fix tearing. It’s a data issue.

Explain please? … I mean sure the gpu uses data but tearing is purely a sync issue and always has been

It’s so weird that it just seems to happen when flying through mountainous areas. Although thats what I noticed.

Yes… that’s weird. It might be that it’s just easier to notice when flying in mountainous areas.

What I can do next time to verify if my monitor is in sync with the sim, is to check the refresh rate of the monitor when it happens in the future.

That’s a good play. I honestly believe it’s a sim issue since I experience the same. However, I see tearing everywhere.

You are talking about terrain tearing. This issue is about screen tearing which is a visual artifact that happens because the fps in game and the hertz of the monitor is not in sync.

A sync issue? What does that even mean? Please provide evidence of your assertion.

There is no sync between data plates within a given data map. The issue is differing terrain data from one plate to the next. This can be caused by many things including GPU handling of transitions between data sets, accumulated roundoff errors or even clouds in the atmosphere when the satellite took the pictures. Similar to morphing mountains, this data difference should be handled by an efficient interpolation algorithm across several frames.

Also, I too have seen tearing in non-mountain areas. However, for me, tearing in general was greatly reduced some time ago, maybe update 5.

That isn’t screen tearing (clue: title of thread)

Sorry. My bad. The “tears” I see are data problems.

Do you honestly think this screen tearing is a sim issue? If sim/GPU settings don’t easily fix it, it’s probably because your hardware is old or not powerful enough.

If you don’t know what screen tearing is then you probably shouldn’t make any assumtions about my hardware or the cause of the problem. I said I believe it’s a sim issue because me and OP both have a similar experience with freesync in this sim.

I haven’t seen screen tearing in 30+ years. I feel secure saying that if it isn’t fixed by VSYNC settings, it isn’t a problem with the sim.

However, at least I can admit when I’m wrong. I look forward to your explanation here when you solve your problem.

Vsync removes the tearing, freesync does not. That is the problem. I do not use Vsync and never will.

Ok guys,

Today I did another test crossing the alps with the Junkers.


Again as expected when cruising through the mountains the tearing showed up again.
This time I flew with DEV-mode enabled to check the fps and when the tearing showed up, I opened my monitor menu to see the refresh rate.

Now it comes:
When the tearing occurs, the fps of the sim dropped to the 50+ Coming from a stable 60!! Capped in the driver.
What Freesync should do is adjusting the refresh rate so that it matches with the fps.
In my case, freesync does adjust, but instead of lowering the hertz, the monitor RAISES the hertz.

So the framerate drops but the refresh rate rises.

This is not how it should work.

Would someone explain what “freesync” is?

Frame rate will change due to scenery. Screen tearing should have nothing to do with frame rate. It is most likely a hardware issue caused by compositing various masks and render layers. It is indicative of a system that can’t keep up for some reason. Reasons include background tasks interrupting bus operations, a faulty or cheap GFX card, a weak CPU, etc. YMMV

Hi there,

Freesync is a tech feature.
If a monitor supports it then it can communicate with the graphics driver. That way it is possible to keep fps from the software and the refresh rate of the monitor in sync.

Freesync is an AMD thing where Gsync belongs to Nvidea.
Practically they are intended to do the same thing.

This is how I understand it how this works.

-greetz Mark

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