Screensaver That Can Be Turned on For PLEASE WAIT Vacations in FS 2020?

There are various times in FS2020 where there are long waits, especially right now when you try to use the Manual Cache. A big PLEASE WAIT will come on the screen and your computer will literally sit that way for hours doing nothing but burning in the screen. Yeah, you can always turn the display off but how will you know when you’re done? I downloaded approximately 300 square miles of NYC/Long Island/NJ HIGH DETAIL material to manually cache. It took me over 2 hours. The whole time I was burning in the screen. Perhaps if I switched to windowed mode for FS 2020, a Win10 level screen saver might have worked but somehow using FS in GAME MODE with totally high performance settings and any Windows graphics enhancements off seems to have inactivated my normal screen timeout.

I’d like to suggest that MS/Asobo implement some built-in display off or display black applet that’s only activated by a special key combination during the downloads and other PLEASE WAIT situations (or maybe activated just by the display of the PLEASE WAIT popup) and the applet is terminated and normal in-game screen function restored when PLEASE WAIT goes away. Perhaps times have changed and depending on exact monitor technology you don’t have to worry but I thought the latest and the greatest OLED monitors or whatever were subject to burn in, too.