Screenshot threads Lifecycle Policy update

Hi Aviators,

First of all let us start by saying how much we love to see all your screenshots! It’s great to see all those beautiful screenshots being shared in the community.

However; all these screenshots take up a lot of storage space on our servers. And with the amazing announcement that MSFS is coming to xBox we expect that much more screenshots will be shared.
How much we would love to keep all submitted screenshots in an archive forever, we expect most people that submitted screenshots will have the original on their own drives and thus we have decided to implement a lifecycle policy on the larger and reoccurring screenshot threads. This means that every screenshot is viewable by the community for at least 6 months, up to a 12 months maximum.

The threads involved are:

  • Screenshot Megathreads (6 month cycle)

  • Screenshot Website Feature Thread (6 month cycle)

  • Weekly Dev Update Contests

The policy will be as followed:

  • Every 6 months a new thread will be launched, open for submissions.
  • The old thread will be closed down for submissions but will be accessible to view for 6 more months.
  • Threads older than 12 months will be deleted.


On that date the following will happen:

  • Screenshot megathread 3 will open

  • Screenshot megathread 2 will close

  • Screenshot megathread 1 will be deleted.

  • A new Screenshot Website Feature Thread will open

  • The current Screenshot Website Feature Thread will close and be deleted after 6 months

  • All old Weekly Dev Update Contest threads will be deleted after 6 months. New threads will follow this policy

We hope this informs you sufficiently. If you have any questions regarding this change, feel free to message @moderators.