[scrufytam] Day 2 Himalayan Scenic Flying VNLK - VEPY

Welcome to day 2 of the Himalayan foothills tour

Yes, this is a 2 day Himalayan scenic flight, with day 2, today, taking us from VNLK to VEPY. VEPY is an add on aircraft available at flightsim.to and the link is below… We’ll be flying some scenic valleys and enjoying breath-taking views of the Himalayan mountains.

As always, everyone is welcome, sim pilots of all skill levels, fly what you want to and fly how you want to. No Rules, Just Flight!


Distance: 211.4nm

Aircraft: Asobo Deluxe Edition Cessna 172x Near Study Level mod by WBSim

Server: US East

Flight Path: SkyVector: Flight Planning / Aeronautical Charts

VEPY Add on airport (freeware): Pakyong Airport (VEPY) » Microsoft Flight Simulator

Downloadable .pln files:
Hot: Connecting...
Cold: Connecting...

Watch Live:

The Mod for the airport VEPY is not a good mod, the airport lines are doubled and out of place…Not a good airport mod.

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Thank you for that info. The description said it was his first attempt at creating an airport so I was wondering. However, unfortunately it is the closest airport for me to stay on track with ending stream in time for me to get some sleep before work tomorrow :slight_smile: