[SCRUFYTAM] Friday Night NeoFLy Missions in the Kodiak 100

Come join as we have a fun, relaxing time flying NeoFly missions in Australia!

Everyone is welcome! My slogan for group flights: “No Rules, Just Flight!”

We’ll start at 8pm EST (1am Zulu) and go for 3 hours.

Aircraft: Kodiak 100

Server: East USA

Flight Plan: None/Eastern Coast of Australia

Starting ICAO: YSSY

Watch/Join Live: Twitch

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Sounds interesting…but since there is no flight plan, which airport do we start at?

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Thank you! I have added the starting airport ICAO code: YSSY

I appreciate the feedback and hope you can make the flight!

After 3 hours of fighting OBS, the issue ended up being my Anti-Virus software decided to block OBS from communicating with Twitch. I restarted stream around 11pm EST and flew one mission to make sure the difficulties were gone.
THANK YOU for posting these pics and for the encouragement! I’ll be back either tomorrow evening, or for sure Monday and Tuesday mornings. Monday and Tuesday will be posted here. Glad you were inspired to do some exploring, it’s what I love about what I do.