[scrufytam] Hawaii Remote Island Tour, Day 3 Bird Island (Nihoa) - Kauai Island

This week in the Hawaiian island tour, we begin at Bird Island (Nihoa), and make our way East, where we will end as we finally arrive at the first of the larger Hawaiian islands, Kauai Island.

I’ll be flying the new DHC-2 Beaver with Floats for this tour, but you fly what you want; No Rules, Just Flight!

Total miles for today: 225.2nm

Cruise Speed: Approx 100kt

Minimum Safe Altitude: 4000ft

Server: SE Asia

Downloadable .pln:

Lots of scenery add ons for the next several flights, most freeware, located in my discord under the “hawaii tour recommended links” channel. - Discord link:

SkyVector Flight Path:

Watch Live: