[SCRUFYTAM] Let's Learn VOR Navigation While Flying "Between Two Oceans" - Day 20 | Saturday 1300 Zulu

I invite you to come fly along and learn VOR navigation with me and the amazing scrufytam community as we explore the area of the world that lies “Between Two Oceans.” We will continue in the Indonesian Islands region and follow the posted flight path.

As always, everyone is welcome, fly whatever aircraft you prefer, “No Rules, Just Flight.”

Total Distance: 366 Nm
Aircraft: Cessna 172
Server: US East

Start Time: 8am EST (1pm Zulu)

Flight Plan: SkyVector: Flight Planning / Aeronautical Charts

Watch Live:

Date please?

Edit: in title

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Done. My apologies for taking so long to respond. I also had to change the date due to an unexpected meeting on Friday morning, when I first had this event scheduled for. :slight_smile: