SDK - Completely Reload Asset

Since SU5 we have not had the ability to completely reload an asset without restarting the sim.

In my case I am referring to SimObjects, and aircraft more specifically, but I’m sure this applies to other objects as well.

This can make development EXTREMELY slow.

I propose a button (or option) that completely removes an asset from memory, and then completely loads that asset again, including all config files, textures… Everything.

This will solve problems such as:

  • Making a change to the config file, but can’t see that change reflected when you ‘Resync’ the aircraft.
  • Changing a texture (perhaps the colour of the glareshield of a cockpit). Resync does not seem reload textures.
  • Adjusting something on the model itself. Resync does not seem to reload models.

Sometimes when you load a different aircraft, wait a while and reload it back it will re-read everything, but often it does not.

Surely an option to do this would make everyone’s life much much easier.