SDK desparately needs a few Generic Control Towers, Generic HANGAR models, a Hangar building preview ( like the materials editor preview bitmap), some tree models, and civilians

I am on my third airport build for MSFS ( editing already present, generic airports to make them look more true-to-life and realistic). But i have noticed some glaring issues with the scenery library.

I noticed that though there are a huge library of hangar buildings, only the first 10-15 are actually useful. The rest seem to be very unique, but not usable in most generic airports because they are so unique in some way or odd looking ( i guess designed for specific airports around the world)

But we really need a group of generic hangar buildings, mainly square buildings or rectangular hangar buildings, and long, narrower hangar buildings that are commonly seen at most medium size to small size airports.

ATCT ct2 wr-hangar-5-600x400 Also, it would be nice to have some hangar buildings with open hangar doors. Or even better, a automated hangar door, so with a mouse click on a panel on the side of the hangar exterior, you can animate the hangar doors sliding open or closing!! That would be so amazing .

Also, there are no trees available ( to go around the periphery of some airports).

I also wish there was a ‘image preview’ feature for the Scenery library Object library, like there is for the Material Editor. Currently, you have to place an object on the project to look at it, which is cumbersome.

And the most glaring void in the scenery library, seems to be the lack of usable Control towers! There is only one, short, stubby, 2 storey high control tower, and another one i found just by chance called ’ Generic Twr’
And that is it !


Even though the SDK is amazing, (though impossible to figure out if it were not for some youtubers who taught us the basics), i know there is so much potential to improve upon it ( lke my suggestions above)

Agreed - need more generic objects!