SDK keys

Hello, I am new on this SDK scenery editor, and I
wish to know which are the keys for moving, rotate …etc to work
on the scenery while trying to add one.
I saw that the Alt key is used for moving the map.
Thank you

Hi @elgalopino, does this help any?

I can’t help on what keys to use.
But if you have an xbox controller, you can control the camera rotation whilst in the sdk so it moves like the drone cam when using the default xbox controller settings.

For me its W = move , E = rotate, R = Scale tool. I think its just like in 3Ds Max, or at least its like that in Maya.
The only problem is if you have also the camera settings setup to W , E, R it sometimes moves the camera around, while you change the gizmo.

Thank you guys, right those keys are good, but I still need some more work and time to see how this app works…

You can middle click the arrow gizmo center to change between move/scale/rotate.