SDK Latest version does not allow changing of properties

Anyone else notice that trying to change any objects’ properties in scenery using the latest SDK doesn’t work unless you right click the object, untick properties and then click properties again. This allows editing its properties except for being able to drag a material like concrete etc over the surface. This simply cannot be altered that I’ve discovered

I found many bugs in the latest Dev Mode update I submitted to Zendesk, but I did not notice this one, I will try and see.

Also, I was honestly puzzled with the complex usability that is being implemented in the Dev Mode. As a scenery developer / user of Dev Mode and a UI/UX designer for a living I find the usability choices a little strange and somehow complicated and sometimes obscure.

In the past 4 years, I used WED (World Editor) for XPlane and although it’s an old school 2D external tool, it has straight forward intuitive usability that I wish the Dev Mode in MSFS could have (grouping, renaming, etc etc). I also sent feedback about these on Zendesk…

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I think that I will log it as well but first I’ll try an uninstall and reinstall of it

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And there I was thinking it was just me with the problem!

So I uninstalled and reinstalled the SDK and the problem remains except now to edit an object I have to right click it to get the properties window to activate for it. It still requires me to “hover” over an element in the properties window to accept input. Changing surfaces requires me to select the material first then right click the object and then I can click the material property. It then cycles between the new and previous value.
It’s a pain really-there’s something wrong and slows me down having to right click everything to edit it. Haven’t logged it yet. Seems like it only affects a few of us? So they’ll probably do nothing but I guess they at least would know of the issue

I tried going back a version, but the problem still exists, which may point to the simulator and not the SDK being the problem.

Also, unlike before when you selected a parking space to add a jet way, you don’t get the drop down below the parking space in the scenery editor to show the jet way belongs to the parking space. Though that could be because I have drawn most of the airport in ADE 1st.

I’m going to draw a test airport using the sdk only to see if that makes a difference.

Definitely nothing to do with ADE RE: Jetways. Looks like things are pointing to the sim update as opposed to the sdk update. :frowning: