SDK locking up

Is anyone else having an issue where the SDK locking up the sim when attempting to exit? I have to manually close msfs and open it again

In my system it freezes the sim when I try to build and I have to close it with task manager. A real bummer.

Yep, I’m a novice developer, usually just messing around with local airports, the way the SDK is, it hasn’t been worth my time to work on anything, the SDK seems to only be getting worse to use effectively.

It happened to me too, and It was when i forgot to save my changes
My guess It that the sdk (scenery and project editor) seems to “lock” because the dialog asking if you want so save your work Is behind the windows
Don’t remember if and ALT+TAB brings che dialog back in focus
Need to record the steps causing the issue, than Will suggest the devs to solve It

Well no hidden windows here. Just stops responding without building anything. I have done 20 sceneries before with small problems but never like this.

It takes forever to load and build a project. I did notice if you are working on something else while loading your project it does freeze. Try staying still and pray :)…i didnt even try to open KDTW project, i can only imagine is going to take sdk a week to open that.

Yes it’s crazy even small projects takes forever to load, and can only build it once. If I try to build once more = CTD…

It strange that they don’t test propperly before releasing new version !!

I have the same Problem.
Reported to DEV-Team.
Send DMP File
Hope they fix it fast.

Same here, I try and open a project then CTD :frowning:

As stated in another topic I deleted my Rolling Chache and now I can build my scenery once. If I try to run the build process once more it fails and result in CTD. But nw it’s possible to correct some scenery but still a mess. Has also reported this to MS

You must first close your project in the project editor then only close/exit the SDK then it shouldn’t lock up.

I did a complete re install and it’s working again at the moment…

Reinstall of the simulator or reinstall of the SDK?

Re install of the sim unfortunately

I spoke to soon ! 1st export went fine but after that CTD :disappointed:

Sorry, but this is not correct.
I have installed all new, still CTD
I wrote to Asobo, they tould me they fix it in SU9.
They know about Bug, but no update
I will (have to) wait until Patch or Update
Realy not a good Support.

Update… It works for me now, all I had to do was fly for 10 mins and whilst on the ground open the project you want and Its been working ever since.

Hmm, good for you :wink:

Just tried, let the sim run for 10 mins but can still only build the project once, once more result in CTD

Crazy…has 20 scenerys but not able to update them !!!

Hello guys, here to report same issue unfortunately. I was able to getting a project loaded into the SDK at first, but when i selected “build package” it freezed completely.

The problem now just got worse, and i can’t open any xml projects files at all, even when i’m still selecting the specific folder to select the relative xml file. It just keep freezing again and again.