SDK NAV DATA implementing ATIS and UNICOM

I have tried to implement ATIS station on a missing airport and also UNICOM and it seems these 2 are not working whereas TOWER, GROUND, APPROACH and ILS with glideslope are working.
Does someone know why?

Here is what I have coded with 2 examples:

< Com frequency=“129.650” type=“ATIS” name=“TOULON ATIS”/>
< Com frequency=“126.325” type=“APPROACH” name=“TOULON APPROACH”/>
< Com frequency=“125.200” type=“APPROACH” name=“TOULON RADAR”/>
< Com frequency=“123.300” type=“APPROACH” name=“TOULON PRECISION”/>
< Com frequency=“121.000” type=“TOWER” name=“HYERES TOWER”/>
< Ils lat=“43.10636597078669” lon=“6.16141953098676” alt=“1.03183014132082” heading=“51.29999923706055” frequency=“108.1” magvar=“0.0” ident=“HY” width=“5.0” name=“ILS RW05”>
< GlideSlope lat=“43.09752294088792” lon=“6.14634942092368” alt=“0.95572775229812” pitch=“3” range=“10.0N”/>
< /Ils>

UNICOM example:

< Com frequency=“118.325” type=“UNICOM” name=“DIJON INFORMATION”/>

Same with my addition of a missing Airport. There is something missing with ATIS functionality.

Thanks for this feedback

Try using only airport ICAO as name for ATIS. That’s how I got my ATIS working. And you don’t need tower, ground etc on name, only airport name ”TOULON” is needed.

Like this:

< Com frequency=“129.650” type=“ATIS” name=“LFTH”/>
< Com frequency=“126.325” type=“APPROACH” name=“TOULON”/>

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OK so for ATIS it is mandatory to put the ICAO code in the name, thank you.

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I’ve been trying to sort this out on my airport today… i’ve tried it both with ICAO as the name, or other names, nothing has worked for ATIS… I’m now getting a compiler error when trying to build the package with it in, saying that there’s not a compatible COM frequency of 113.600?

The error code is:
INTERNAL COMPILER ERROR: #C2586: COM over NAV Frequency 113.600000 does not have a matching COM Frequency.

Hmm… it might be that the nav computer refuses to enter any frequencies under 118.000

FIXED: The SDK is unable to accept frequencies under 118.000 at the moment…
stupid Scottish airports having low frequency ATIS bands…

Some airports use ATIS in VOR or NDBs voice channel… pitty that FS won´t acknowledge that (FSX didn´t either, btw).