SDK Q&A (Feb. 9th): POST-Discussion

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We are excited to bring back the third SDK Q&A, this time answering questions you have on any topic related to the SDK.

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The Stream will be an hour long time slot on 2022-02-09T18:30:00Z.


Will the F-18 Super Hornet ever get a more in-depth computer system?


Can we expect the SDK team will continue to expand MSFS SDK’s capabilities and eventually allowing 3rd part devs to develop add-ons like the recently released Hot Start Challenger 650 and Airfoillabs C172 NG in X-Plane 11/12?

As someone who follows a lot of 3rd party developers and their progress on MSFS add-ons, it appears that the common consensus is that MSFS SDK still has a lot of areas for improvement and expansion.


I already have many, many applications connected successfully to MSFS 2020 (Navigraph, simwidgets, Volanta, Vatsim, etc…) , but will this next SDK release be more extensive so that third party developers can make FS hardware able to control the in game GPS for example: button clicks, rotary knobs, etc.


Will you open up the ability to modify ai traffic behaviours on a wider scale?


Given the current abysmal state of Live weather and light at the end of the tunnel is nowhere to be seen, seriously consider to open up SDK to 3rd party weather software house.


As a Mission’s developer I would like to be able to define my own
mission Type and Subtype, like it was possible in FSX with the Category
and Sub Category.

For example:




NavLog formatting is currently very limited. Just a few html tags are
recognized in the *.LOC file.

I would prefer the source of the NavLog to be an HTML file like it was
in FSX, where a, …Brief.htm file could be the source for the KneeBoard

Maintaining documentation in the LOC file is not very user friendly unless you have a tool to do it.

There is a tool for editing .loc files here: Releases · HansHartmann/MSFSLocalizer · GitHub

Will there ever be a complete tutorial on creating an aircraft? It would be immensely helpful to run through everything from start to finish to make a basic VFR plane from modelling to systems to whatever else you have to do. (Bonus if it was Blender/free tools oriented!)


When will there be an API or SimConnect protocol that allows developers to access B events? This is becoming a major problem for hardware developers as they cannot bind switches or external control software to more and more airplane controls.


Can you provide updates on what fixes are planned to prevent crashes in Aircraft Editor. Can you also provide more debug tools such as for the the fuel system? Thanks

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When will possible to personalize Mesh with 90º angles?

I’m developing sceneries that have vertical walls right after one apron and I’m not able to create two flat surfaces side by side with a vertical 90º degrees angle between them.

In old FSX or P3D was possible to do it and it was also possible to select the altitude of each polygon point.

It would be nice to have this kind of possibility for better and easier customization of airports.

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In the SDK the useless form that asks if you are sure to do the rebuild or export has been reintroduced with the last update.
They had finally removed it but now it has reappeared

Will you be provide the following String function:
String tool Used to place object strings (a number of otherwise standard objec files placed repeatedly along a line, as defined in a string.

This would be especially helpful for placing fences.


Would you consider tool preferences options.

Example: Aprons
Predefined option to have Ground merging set to OFF.
Predefined option to have exclude around OFF.

Alternate option:

  • have the tool remember the previous setting of the last time used.
  • I.e with Apron. Remember Texture choice, Scale of texture, Ground merging choice and exclusion options.
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Will you be providing more freeware (Included in Base Sim) objects for designers to enhance airports for freeware?

Additionally could we leverage Black shark AI objects to either add placement of buildings that are missing or have the ability to change buildings that have been placed to the correct type. I.e hangar buildings on airports instead of houses or offices.

Alternate option:
Facades Tool

A facade is essentially an image wrapped around a polygon at a specified height. This can be used to build a simple buildings where the user will specify the shape of the structure at its base and its height. The user can add a texture to wrap the shape or MSFS provide generic set of scaling textures i.e office, building, warehouse, hangar


What is the update on Xbox series s and x cockpit screen going black and then CTD ??


Will you open AI piloting further in the SDK to give the community the opportunity to make improvements to it?