SDK Q&A: Scenery Editor Questions

You can already do this for the edge lights by using Light Row(s). The centerline is another story. What we need to have is the ability to specify the light color when using Light Rows. Then we will b able to customize the centerline.

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Will we get an easier option to remove the services at the small airports we create… I know, I’m lazy…


Using the SDK without being able to unmount and mount the mod is VERY time consuming due to rising startup time. When will this be possible or why not?
From the initial version of MSFS until the present version 4 the initial load time has increased by 200-300%. 4 to 5 minutes with an I7, 32GB RAM, 2070 Super.


The inside the tag works and the seperate inside the doesn’t. So a better question is why is this a difference and can this be harmonized?

I spoke too soon. Sorry. It appears that you can already make different colored light rows by adding light presets that you can select when making a light row. I tried this and was able to create a light row with red lights.

You can learn how to do this by reading up on it in the SDK documentation. Start with a search on lightrow. Something new to play with! But, beware, they said it’s a work in progress.

Please ask:

Why are “projected mesh” textures so low resolution? Objects added as a normal scenery object are at full resolution, but resolution is at least half when added as a “projected mesh”.

Pretty please, with cupcake on the side. :slight_smile:

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Will there be better SDK support for animations made available to 3rd party developers to help make airports and the world more alive with people and passenger animations, more diverse animal animations etc.?


It would be great if we could get a better tool to place fences. Currently you can place fences as single sim objects which makes it very tedious if you want to create large area of fences for example the perimeter fencing around a larger airport.


The ability to add customized lighting via light rows and light presets is a wonderful thing. The big drawback now is that it’s limited to the confines of an airport.

Do you have plans to give us the ability to use these outside an airport area? This would solve the problem of our inability to create obstruction/hazard lights for TV towers, buildings, bridges, etc. that can be seen further than a couple hundred feet.


When we’re improving an included airport, it would be nice to be able to choose existing airport features to keep and improve on, versus having to restart from scratch. Any chance of this?


A tool is needed to make the tunnel. Currently, the SDK cannot realize the creation of tunnels. Currently, there are bugs in making tunnels, which cannot be presented perfectly.


How to create transparent water/ocean polygon? I’m creating a water mask for a tropical region, and the sat imagery is already inside the sim. But if I exclude ocean, there will be no water inside the polygon. Then if water polygon is added, imagery is covered by water texture. So how Asobo did all the manual water mask? I believe it is done via CGL, not BGL and shape files, the one that is editable via in-game SDK. If Asobo can do it then absolutely community devs can help to do the same :slight_smile:

Why the aircraft model will first read the default ILS frequency instead of the ILS frequency I set?
In China, if I do not use Navigraph data but use the default navigation data, the ILS of many airports will be offset. Therefore, I built a new airport myself and created a new ILS in the correct location. However, the airplane model reads the default ILS instead of the correct ILS I set. Unless I set the wrong frequency ILS and input the wrong ILS on the airplane model, the model will intercept the ILS I set.


We still heavily Need a tool to control snow accumulation
Somethig like a special apron with a greyscale texture. The color of the special apron must not be visible, but the snow shader should “subtract” that from the snow layer (i’m not a shader guy but think should be Easy)

Another thing about the snow layer, with 60 or more degrees slope snow Is unlikely to attach (vertical rocks, crags etc)

Also, with the current snow shader, roads appear to have snow on them while the surroundig doesn’t (when melting Is going on) should be reverse!

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You have to delete the different object type explicitly using the deletion tag but you don’t have to. Single objects like a specific taxiway can not be deleted but if you lke just to add objects, even single objects is working. So pls try to be more specific what exactly you like to change or substitute.

What kind of tag are you using? The internal runway or in internal airport version of the tag. The internal needs the primary/secondary information, the external doesn’t. Only the runway included version of the tag presently works (as far as I tested it).

Would be great if Scenery Editor could include lights at night that are reflective lights only (passive). It exists in small airports for the taxiway edges.

Such as the one shown in this picture

Would be great if Scenery Editor could include objects that are on grass runways and taxiways: white cones and yellow cones and also runway threshold markings

In general, I wish the sims include more objects to add variety, and allow for customization depending on the location (e.g. airport object would be different in the US than in Europe for instance)

Scenery Editor should allow for more customization of the size of the building and hangar. Right now scale affects all direction at the same time (length, width, height). So existing object usually don’t match the exact dimensions of the real building on the airport.

Another way to do so would be to create objects using facades (similarly as some other existing sim software not to be named): the users define the points that are the angles of the building, defines the height of it, choose a proposed texture and the sims draw this building. Would be very convenient for adding hangar or terminals that are exactly the shape as the real one without creating it in 3D plus texturing it.

There is not much point in continuing to ask questions about the scenery editor in this thread, the SDK Q&A took place about three hours ago. There will likely be another one next quarter, but probably about a different subject.

It is recommended that from now on, you direct questions to the official Q&A platform. The SDK team said that they read it all the time and they really need the community’s valuable feedback!