SDK (scenery/airport project) slow and choppy when using 2 monitors after update

Just today I went back to editing my airport/scenery project I started a couple days before the update. When I click “load in editor” everything takes several seconds to load and the sim slows way down, about 7 FPS. As soon as I close the project it goes back to 45 frames (where I have it capped)

Anyone else experiencing this?

Update. It appears that performance degrades the more windows I have on my second monitor. As you can see in my first screenshot only the ‘objects’ window is on my main monitor. Everything else (properties, material editor, scenery editor, gizmo, ect…) was on my second monitor, causing 7-8 FPS. If I move everything to my main monitor performance is back to normal.

I know a second monitor is not supported in MSFS but I never had this problem before… :confused:

I rolled back my NVidia driver and it seemed to resolve the problem. I was also having CTD’s with almost every flight since the update last week… In my opinion, driver 516.40 is junk. :stuck_out_tongue: