SDK update with development update on 19/11/2020?

Hi ya was just wondering as it mentioned for the 19/11/2020 that there was an SDK update but when i click on the in sim installer it wants to download version0.7.1.0 which I already had before the update on the 19th.

Has anybody downloaded a newer SDK version than ?

I noticed the same thing and looking at the roadmap I thought a SDK update was due yesterday.

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The word update in for the SDK means that they will update you on what they are doing. SDK patch/program updates seem to be hit and miss with the patch updates for the entire sim. ie. next week is a world update. There may or may not be an SDK program update then.

so in the Nov 19th SDK update there is this:


  • DevMode:
    • The DevMode team has mostly been focusing on the last fixes before the release of the forthcoming update.
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Thanks for your reply yeah that makes sense.

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