SDK Version - Default Objects not Showing

Just tested some of my scenery airports in sim after the WU6 and I’m noticing that several default Asobo assets, like lightpoles, buildings, that were successfully incorporated into the airports before WU6, are now not showing either in game and/or in developer mode.
I’m talking about Asobo default assets, not 3D object models or custom models.

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I just discovered that two bridges I had placed in scenery files I created months and months ago are now gone… when I opened Developer mode and navigated to my scenery creation the bridges are now listed as Unknown.

I guess the only solution is to find replacements and re-do the scenery, but I don’t really appreciate having to do that. It’s no small effort to find suitable bridges, place them, size them, etc. etc., and then have them just disappear.

This is after WU6, and with SDK version 0.14.1.

Come on guys, be a little more careful with changes you make to the SDK. Screwing around with assets that have been used to create scenery months ago is just not fair to your users…


they fixed a few things Like grouping. But i will never bother with any organisation again as i did it before.
Not much point if the sdk periodically breaks. Dev mode view tilting is fixed which is good.
Still have to restart fs2020 after build to get any new models to show. Still getting ghost models when location is changed until build and restart. Still getting the incorrect apron textures in the SDK, but show as correct in community folder. Still cannot live export with blender. 6 weeks later.
Bring back sdk 0.13.0

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:unamused: hi ! i have the same problem with the last sdk ! please fix it