SDK Virtually Unusable after SU5

Is anyone else having major issues working in the SDK after SU5? I created a new airport and as I build it, MSFS will frequently lock up (“Not Responding”) for anywhere from 15 seconds to 3 minutes. It will usually recover.

Trying to put down object (aprons, lines, etc) is extremely painful, sometimes having to click 2-3-4 times before a point is acknowledged by MSFS. After existing DevMode and attempting to return to the menu, the sim completely crashes to desktop.

I have also noticed that the camera slowly tilts (so the landscape is skewed) the longer I am in DevMode working on an airport.

I had none of this issues prior to SU5. The SDK worked fantastically.

Checking to see if this is just me, or if others are experiencing this same thing.

No its not you… The SDK is not working properly… crashing… cant seem to find original BGL


Glad to see I am not the only one struggling, if you place taxi points, aprons etc, it has this flickering issue, and then suddenly disappears, its so frustrating! Although I am glad that the categorized the scenery library, but still, and the strangest of it all is my FPS drops Heavy , when switching to painted lines etc, also it has this weird tilting effect after some time as you move around… if you look top down… after a while when pitching up again to the horizon you will notice that you have tilted, does anyone have any news of when the next patch drops? I really enjoy making sceneries and and seeing how the community is enjoying them , but it really is frustrating and unbearable to even try making a scenery!

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Those are the exact things that I am seeing as well! Hopefully a SDK update will be out soon to fix this stuff.

To me it goes to CTD after 5 minutes of using the SDK, opening a project that previously had no problem.
Impossible to work

It isn’t just you. I’m having trouble making any changes to projects I made prior to the update.

For what it is worth, I did find that by dropping my graphics settings to “low end” - basically the bare bones - the SDK is more usable. That is not to say that it is like it was prior to SU5! But it does not lock up as much and I can get by using it. The weird tilting issue is still a problem. Not a permanent solution, but is resulting in my pulling out slightly less hair in the meantime. :laughing:

This issue still exists for me since SU5 even with the hotfix and latest SDK version. Within 10 seconds of loading the scenery editor the frames just bleed away until it reaches 1FPS within 30 seconds. Really hope this can be sorted soon, I was just learning some new techniques too!

Can no longer export models out of Blender and have a successul Build. LOD errors all over the place. Even creating new LOD’s, no matter how complex the model…Fails! This has just shut me down completely.

The object hierarchy is a mess. After clicking the “Build All” button, all objects disappear. Only restarting the simulator helps.

I also have a very sluggish response while editing. Trying to modify an existing project has become frustrating. Some custom grass textures are being correctly built, some are not (identical copies of aprons with same textures and settings). A painted custom texture on the ground has disappeared. It’s still there in the texture editor but the actual image has changed to a different one - I assume the previous texture is now incompatible.

glad to see its not just me, also you cant group your taxiways ,lights,aprons… under the Airport section when you create a scenery… has this weird bug in it, its just really frustrating , I like being organized when creating sceneries… but its driving me crazy!

Some marginal success
Managed to clear the frozen console by right clicking on pinned lower bar to close console
Erase errors
Rebuild again, no errors

Loading in scene, all apron textures are messed up in editor… duplicated incorrect, mis orientated and mismatched scale in many.
But when build and loaded unto com folder they are all correctly represented

Many jetways are missing though.
Some models textures are missing (pink)… may need to re export some models

I’ve reported the camera issue in a different thread here: SU5 Drone and Dev Camera gradually "comes out of alignment" while moving it around

I also noticed that the editor lags a large amount after placing a LightRow point.

My Save Scenery button no longer brings up prompt with directory