Sea to Sky Highway (Canada) {Spruce Goose, WUXI, Vancouver, Whistler, 6 Official/Modeled POIs, 15+ BTR POIs}


We’re kicking off the year with a World Update feature, a new airplane feature, and a water runway! Looking forward to a great flight along the mountains and coast north of Vancouver.

See you on the water!

Server: West USA
Settings: All Players, No Traffic
Discord: Discord
Suggested Add-Ons:

Flight Plan:
SeaToSkyHighway.pln (6.6 KB)

Airplane: Hercules H4 (aka Spruce Goose), or any sea plane that can cruise ~140kts
Weather: Lying Snow from DNBOF, although you may want Clear Skies when we get to the city
Liftoff Time in Sim Time: 2:00pm (10:00pm UTC)
Rough flight path: CAE5 rwy 23W->CYHC ; Departing the water, climb ~95kts (~1500fpm) past whistler ski resort to 7,500’ to see the Skybridge. Descend to 3500’, then as low as desired once we’re over the water.