Seafront Simulations: Why is Xbox denying refunds for legitimate requests of pulled content?

As this content has been fully removed from marketplace as well as my content manager I requested refunds for the two items (enhanced ai and global shipping).

Both have been denied on grounds of simpoints being consumables.

Who can assist with this entirely legitimate refund request?



another negative point for the marketplace.

Yup, add it to the list but Xbox has no alternative except to abstain.

This one really stinks because the dev is being super responsive and did the right thing by pulling the product until it can get fixed but people should absolutely get refunds and then purchase it when it is fixed. There is no guarantee to the customer that it will be fixed at this point. Just more anti-consumer shenanigans from MS/Asobo and the marketplace…

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In any case, PayPal issued instant and automatic refunds when I filed for goods not received, so that’s good.

has Asobo responded to this, i too spent money on the add ons and now have disappeared.

They responded to my ticket saying they should still be in content manager. They are not. I replied saying as much :man_shrugging:

who responded, where did you send ticket?

I’m not overly worried about a refund as I’ve been waiting ages for this addon and I’m sure it will get fixed.

However I’m worried the system
May not recognise I’ve bought it and I’ll be forced to faff about to get it back again and into my library

This is the issue. How will you prove to anyone you bought it if it doesn’t show up as purchased when fixed? What if it is several bank statements old - will your bank allow you to dispute the charge? What if the only way to get the add-on you really want is then to buy it twice - I’d imagine you’d feel pretty hosed.

The most responsible thing is to refund it now and allow it to be repurchased. Then it isn’t an issue in the future should the game not recognize you ever purchased it. Of course, with how ‘smoothly’ the marketplace has been functioning, they could refund you and it could magically show up as owned one day - I’m convinced no one knows how the marketplace behaves - it appears to be sentient :rofl:

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Hello everyone,

If you are experiencing issues with this addon on Xbox and would like a refund, please submit a Zendesk ticket. Once you have a Zendesk ticket created, please send a private message to both me and @Jummivana listing both your ticket number and your Gamertag and we will follow up with the Support team to ensure it is processed correctly.



Thanks Seedy. I got some emails from Microsoft Store today about it so it is sorted out at my end (I had previously raised a zendesk ticket). Very much appreciate your response.


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