Seafront's Global Shipping on Xbox

I’ve requested a refund for both items. Each as a separate ticket. And have messaged you and @Jummivana with the details.

Thanks for your help.

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Good question, I still want the goods, that’s why I bought them, obviously. This is getting complicated from what it looks. Do we actually have to re-buy stuff. It should get marked as owned though right?

I think if you want to keep it you don’t need to do anything, just wait for it to reappear in your “not downloaded” section of the content manager.


Just had a notification of a refund. Thanks to those involved in making it happen.


my refund request was denied due to reaching refund limit for the year, even though it is a faulty non functional item.

Do you ask for a lot of refunds?

when there is an issue with aa game and i am not happy, YES. Consumer rights? Been refuned now anyway.

Lol, there is a limit to how many refunds you can request?

The 737 was the first refund I requested in 20 years of being an Xbox live subscriber. I saw the reviews but was hoping the avionics black out bug would not extend to add-ons and requested the refund within a couple hours of purchase when I discovered the same bug and I couldn’t reliably fly from A to B in it.

I now wait for Xbox specific reviews of products before purchasing anything regardless of their quality on PC.

i will start doing that?

The overall point is if a game/Add on is faulty and has been pulled from the store by the devs then there should be no argument for a refund regardless how many you have. If you buy add on for example and do not like it then i can understand the refusal of refund.

Why not just check reviews before you purchase. makes life a lot easier. But hey to each their own.

Just like anything, there are some people who try to abuse the system and ruin it for everyone else.

I absolutely agree with you and am glad to see the devs doing the right thing. Kudos to the community managers too - probably above and beyond their typical roles.

The AA/sharpness issues seem to be well documented in other threads, but also seem to look better or worse depending on what TV you own. I have not seen this widely discussed in reviews, especially since the severity varies between users. I turned down the sharpness on my TV and it helped greatly but degraded overall image quality.

It may not be an issue for some but may be a deal breaker for others.

Any news on this at all?


Hi @Ant1975uk - We have updated the Product Announcement thread.

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Thank you. Hopefully not too long.

I too hope it will be available on xbox soon, maybe offer it with a discount because of all the trouble

If I don’t get my money back, will I be able to get both packages after they are back on the market?

Hi @aljenan14 - Yes absolutely but you may want to try to refund now and re-purchase once the issues have been addressed.

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Still gutted this isn’t working. I wrongfully assumed Asobo/Ms would sort it asap.

Xbox certification for any new updates typically takes 2 weeks minimum. This would be best case if the dev and Asobo were able to diagnose and fix the issue immediately.