Seagull model causes massive FPS drop when loaded

Info here: Dreadful performance

I was getting a massive FPS drop at a specific place. While in dev mode, I watched the console, and the FPS drop happened every time just after the Seagull model loaded. This persists till you go back to the main menu as those models seem to be ‘load and stay resident’ unlike other sceney models.

As a test, I deleted it from the game files, and the FPS drop goes away.

I also got a 10+ FPS boost at my homebase of FACT.

As for the temp fix, just delete all the animals (not sure if others cause issues) by deleting everything in:

UPDATE: Bad news, latest update gets a CTD if you delete those files. The issue is still present.

Just my 2 cents suggestion for the developers looking into this bug internally:

This could be the same kind of bug affecting AI traffic, where management/garbage collection of instances is not working as expected. They are accumulating in memory and are never discarded/destroyed, causing increasing memory allocations and thousands of objects to update per frame. This was shown AI is suffering from this and maybe fauna is suffering from the same problem as well.

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I assume you’ve reported this to Zendesk as well (as detailed as you can)?

Not yet. Was still verifying the fix in random scenarios, and now the update landed, so first to see if it has been fixed or not. Kept a copy of the old model to compare.

New fix/app to edit number of birds

One of the latest patches seems to have fixed the problem with the seagull and flamingo models. I do not experience any fps drops (e.g. LKOS). Can someone confirm this?

EDIT: No, it wasn’t fixed. Seagulls only appear when the skies are clear over LKOS. Then my fps drop from 45 to 23 on ultra settings. Please remove the seagulls from LKOS or fix the model.

So is t his a problem only with the seagulls, what about the other animals?

Seagulls and Flamingoes are affected because they spawn in hundreds. LKOS by Gaya is okay now. They removed the birds with the latest patch.

In california desert there are also seagull spawns so for me it was -15 fps as soon as they were spawned. You have to end the game go back to menu and start a new one to get normal fps back. The ‘restart’ game button won’t unload them.

I edited a file in flightsimulator so now when it tries to spawn the seagulls they wont be loaded so i can keep my high fps and don’t have to start a new game.

Is there any chance you’d share the file name in question?

All flying animals from what I can see.


I removed all seagull entries in file OneStore\asobo-simobjects-animals\layout.json . But last week after I did this edit i could continue playing with high fps when it tried to load seagulls and console gave only one error: Seagull.xml cannot be loaded. But today, with the same edit, when it tries to load seagulls my games freezes(no crash) for 10 seconds and after that I can continue flying with same fps. I dont understand why it freezes now and continued fluently with my edit last week.

Anyway, im still looking into it.

make sure to backup your layout.json if you are trying this edit

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Btw, I changed my edit back to original file. Now im using DronkeyKlong’s FlyingF*ck fix/app which is mentioned earlier in this thread. With his patch I put all birds to zero, fps stays same now when seagull bird load. Works perfectly for me. No more -15/20 fps around bird POI’s :slightly_smiling_face:

I had massive drops in California because Lake Isabella and Lake Tahoe both have the seagulls. Plus the models already gets loaded in when you not even that close to these lakes.
Before the patch i could only fix the fps by loading a new game.

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Spent a good hour trying to work out why my FPS had dropped until I came across this post. Thanks so much peeps, hopefully Asobo will fix this for good!