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Hey guys - Is there a central search feature somewhere that allows one to search for all 3rd party airports addons? Or even better, some sort of map that you can scroll around to see which locations have custom sceneries you can download? (either payware or freeware).

Thanks for any suggestion on best way to do this

Microsoft Flight Simulator | Scenery Map »

Try this at

ooo this is great, thanks.

does this also search other sites or is this solely files?

It’s mostly add-ons from 3rd party developers that post their stuff to There are a lot of good scenery and livery add-ons to be had. I’m in the Uk and some of the freeware airports and urban enhancments are as good as it gets. They have recently started including payware.

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Orbx also have a search by geographic region option which is helpful.

that was gonna be next question if they included payware (or 3rd parties like Orbx) is all freeware at the moment in terms of scenery.

They’ve just added a payware section perhaps a week ago or so, and all the have is a single plane atm (the Gee Bee). Whether they’ll be bringing on the other usual suspects for scenery and planes is anyone’s guess at the moment.

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I go here for payware, FWIW. Also good to compare prices. Note it doesn’t have ALL paywere, just from the major stores.

SIMDIR | New MSFS Add-ons, Mods, Tools and Plugins

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i haven’t heard of this website, thanks

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