Season ? any idea when in 2022?

Just another Q&A just passed by and many questions still left unanswered, including, imo, the long awaited seasons.

Guys, anyone please have any, albeit off-the-record, idea when in 2022 seasons will be implemented ?

Sim is great and I love it, but it’s to me a lame duck without seasons feature.

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It’s listed as “started” but given they haven’t defined a quarter I doubt there is anything further / solid. If you really want it asap, REX AccuSeasons is fantastic.

Bijan also re-did his seasons system and I did have the original which was good, but I haven’t tried it since switching to REX.

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yeah I know about both those addons, however I really wanna see the sim’s automated true to real life implementation. they both feel incomplete and seem like an interim remedy only.

for I got the feeling that ms/Asobo will do a close-to-flawless job in seasons, their snow coverage is to me perfect when real wether works fine, for instance.

Off the record, between Q2 - Q4 :thinking:

The timeline will change, just like the seasons :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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i’m afraid it will be backlogged into 2023, worst scenario

My hunch is a Christmas present.

Some time between January and December.

As has been mentioned try REX AccuSeasons for now. It’s cheap and works great, unlike the other alternative.

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I’d lower those expectations if I were you, the higher they are the harder you’ll fall if it doesn’t meet what you expect.

In the meantime Bijans Seasons mod is a very good alternative.


i’m stubborn, won’t use any third party to fake the seasons. i’d rather wait for yonks than filth my sim with weird stuff like bijan’s or rex accu blah blah

Rex Accuseason can be set to automatically load the seasons textures and tree masks according to the current date daily. So you technically have up-to-date realistic season every day. And it applies globally too. Meaning if it’s snowy in the northern hemisphere, it’s hot and green in the southern hemisphere. And the tropical region is always green all the time.

You would only fake it if you “choose” the season manually. But if you keep it on automatic, you don’t have a choice, it will install the most current and realistic season of the date everyday for the entire world.

Ok your loss, plenty of us are enjoying both Bijans and the other one :slightly_smiling_face:


Bijan has gone next level. He now has seasons within seasons with an app and automation so they cycle every 45 days. Pretty cool stuff!


does bijan’s intervene with the in-sim default snow coverage that is injected together with live weather ?

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