Seasonal foliage not changing

I changed the month to November (UK) - trees are green

Season’s are currently not in the game.


I have read, but can’t find again, that they plan to add it.

Kinda mind boggling considering it’s 2020


Hopefully when it is in, they managed to do it in a convincing manner.

More important things are missing/broken. I’d rather they work on fixing avionics systems, rather than implementing brown leaves.

Yeah right, not to mention that they forgot to add a hot air balloon… smh

My comment was an observation only

I think you are right. I seem to recall this was discussed in their dev update video earlier this month as part of the World 2.0 update. I might be wrong.

Well they DID show the central park video with changes through the seasons. As always the videos were labeled as IN GAME CONTENT.

Is that the one with the snow? Not sure that showed anything other than the snow effect.

someone earlier thought this is also a reason they may have pushed the release date up… the summer terrain is going to look ridiculous in december. (as it was in the early alpha, i remember it being quite jarring being used to seasons in p3d)

they showed snow. there’s more to seasons than snow.

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