Seasons by Bijan - Available for PC and Xbox - New Terrain Mask for Fall and Winter Season (PC Version)

“4 Season Pack” - An ongoing project and always updating.

NOTE: Terrain Masks and 3d trees are only available from simmarket.
3d trees can be purchased separately from marketplace (PC version only)
Terrain Masks and 3d trees are will not be available for xbox users.

This seasons mods are not just about colors changes, it’s about correct vegetations all around the world with correct sizes and to bring realism and immersion to your flying experience.

For support, bug report contact me via email:
New Version 4 features:

For previous update logs and more pictures and information visit the product page on simmarket.

What does “4 season pack” include?

  1. Over 70 new multi ecosystems featuring over 45 trees, shrubs and bushes which are placed in the world based on native vegetation.

  2. New tree distribution by elevation.

  3. Photogrammetry trees removal from cities (a new project)

  4. Experimental “Terrain Mask” for fall and winter seasons that covers 48 countries. (see readme.txt)

  5. New snow mask so roads and runways can be cleared of snow in winter snow.

  6. Four multi seasons. Changes seasons on the opposite side of the hemisphere.

  7. Real tree model of Joshua trees in Joshua National Park - (24800 Joshua trees).
    8- Fall colors based on LIVE CAM in many countries

  8. New 3d tree (Pinus Sylvestris) (5000 in Norway)

  9. New Blood Dragon trees in Socotra Island, Yemen (3000 Trees)

  10. Famous Hills in China by Li River

  11. Rocky cliff islands in one island.

  12. New 3d winter trees in small patches in specific areas only.

  13. New 3d Plumeria trees in Honolulu, Hawaii

  14. Added 17,000 Rhododendron 3d trees in mountain of Nepal in Sagarmatha National Park

  15. Baobab 3d trees in Madagascar

  16. Wildflowers and flower farms in Amsterdam and Africa, and UK for spring season.

  17. Covers the whole earth.

  18. True to life size trees

  19. Barely have any impact on performance.

  20. Easy install in community folder.

  21. Over 60 different shapes and species of trees and bushes. You will discover more variety of trees in most places. You will now find various sizes and colors of palm trees in tropical areas. Trees have been added to many areas based on native trees. Many conifer trees that were placed in wrong areas have been removed and replaced with deciduous trees. Many of the very tall trees have been replaced with shorter ones.

  22. Every season changes colors depending on region. conifers in north Canada or Alaska and other colder areas will remain green no matter what season you choose.
    Tropical areas will stay green all year long.

  23. All trees now have normal and natural size, depending on region. Some trees have been enlarged (mostly within cities to match real life trees. Some trees have been reduced in other places. This is done based on research and studying images from Google and Bing data. You will notice denser vegetation in most areas.

You will get 4 seasons folders (one for each season) and one 3d tree model folder.
Only one season can be installed at a time in community folder.

Each season has 3 parts:

  1. Northern hemisphere
  2. Southern hemisphere
  3. Tropical areas.

If you install Spring N, Fall S. It means it’s spring in Northern hemisphere and fall in Southern hemisphere. So if you fly from north (spring) to south, you will see fall colors in south (without changing folder)

But if you want to see fall colors in north, then you would have to install Fall N. Spring S.

Every season in north has the opposite season in the south.

Tropical areas always are summer (green) in every season.

The season mod is not connected to the time and date of the sim and it’s not installing season automatically.

Spring Season mod will change trees and shrubs to shades of beautiful spring colors within cities only. Forest and areas outside cities will have bright spring green colors only. You will find colorful trees such as cherry blossom, jacaranda, wisteria, etc. There are pink, purple, white, yellow colored trees.

All trees and shrubs now have beautiful shades of green and different sizes.
Added a variety of tree types to each region.
Added missing palm trees in some tropical areas.
Added cactus to some of the desert areas.

Fall will convert trees all over the world into 20 different sets of fall colors. Not all fall colors will be the same (see pictures below). Tropical areas will have no fall colors since they stay mostly green all year round.

Winter changes most trees to multiple brown and gray colors. (except conifer and palm trees) Brown/gray trees look much more natural in winter and with snow instead of green trees with snow.

Winter season does not automatically place snow in scenes. If you want to see snow, you will have to add snow manually in the weather setting or fly in an area in live weather to see snow.

List of features that are ONLY available in 4 season pack:

  1. Spring flowers and trees with blossoms in all cities.

  2. Flower fields in many parts of the world, UK, Africa, Asia, Europe, USA

  3. More variety of trees and colors in each season.

  4. New tree distribution by elevation. (completed in several regions and on going)

  5. Gradual transition of trees in different elevations.

  6. Customized trees in upper UK and Scotland areas - Removed/reduced all vegetation from higher elevations.

  7. Photogrammetry trees removal from cities (ongoing project)

  8. Terrain Mask

  9. Snow mask so roads and runways can be cleared of snow in winter.

  10. Multi ecosystem in the same area which is only doable with SDK, resulting in a variety of trees in the same area and creating lush forests, smooth transition.

  11. 60 fall color sets with much more variety of colors with corrected size and density.

  12. Live correction of fall tree colors by using live cam available in several countries.

  13. 3d leafless winter trees in several cities

  14. 3d Joshua trees

  15. 3d Pinus Sylvestris trees

  16. 3d Blood Dragon trees

  17. 3d Plumeria trees

  18. 3d Rhododendron trees

  19. 3d baobab trees

  20. 3d bamboo trees

  21. 3d banana trees

  22. Black Forest in Germany

  23. Black Forest in Colorado

  24. Custom fall trees in the Rocky Mountains.

  25. Customized fall season in Florida to remove fall colored trees.

  26. Famous Hills in China by Li River

  27. Rocky cliff islands and in China

  28. Manually corrected vegetation in 1000’s regions which cannot be fixed by only using biomes.

  29. Cleared trees in 100’s of runways.

  30. Adding exclusions to work with 3rd party airports.

  31. Accepting changes by user’s request.

  32. Instant support and frequent updates (adding new features)

  33. How do install seasons?
    Please read install.txt file included in your package.

  34. Is this compatible with other tree mods?
    No. you’ll need to uninstall any other tree mod that has biome information such as the old tree mods or the new NZA Simulations - NZRO Rotorua. If you install 2 tree mods, you may see wrong trees in some areas.

  35. How do I change seasons?
    Please read install.txt file included in your package.

  36. I installed seasons and I see no changes.
    You probably installed all seasons folder in your community folder or you’re using another tree mod. Only install one season.

  37. I see wrong trees around airports.
    You’re using an airport mod that is interfering with this mod. Send me the airport information and I’ll fix it.

  38. Why are photogrammetry trees green in winter?
    Those are part of the photogrammetry mesh. I am in process of removing most of the photogrammetry trees.

  39. Season doesn’t change when I change the season in weather panel.
    Season mod is not controlled by weather panel setting. it’s controlled by what season folder you have in community folder.

  40. Why do I see green trees in winter?
    Most Pine, Palm, eucalyptus trees, and tropical areas stay green all year long.

  41. How do I upgrade?
    Log in to simmarket and go to download section and download.

  42. How do I get update notification?
    Tick the box for update notification here: simMarket: Flight Simulation Add-Ons - MSFS, P3D, FSX, XPLANE

  43. Why don’t I see 3d leafless winter trees everywhere?
    Those trees are placed manually by hand and are only places in specific areas.

  44. Why are terrains green in winter?
    Season mod doesn’t change terrain color or textures. Those are from Bing satellite imagery.

  45. Does season work in offline mode?

  46. Does it work with photogrammetry on?

  47. Where do I find the location of 3d trees:
    They are listed in a file called “what’s new.txt” each update should have GPS location.

  48. How to install For marketplace and xbox:
    How it works:
    If you bought one season (for example Spring N./Fall S. ) it means it’s spring in the northern hemisphere and Fall in the southern hemisphere and tropical in the equator. You cannot change that in weather panel date or season settings.
    If you installed Summer N./Winter S it means it’s summer in the northern hemisphere and winter in the southern hemisphere and tropical in the equator.
    Changing seasons in the weather panel in the sim has no effect on what you have installed. It is not synchronized with the date on your computer or the sim but with what season you have installed.

If you bought two seasons or more, make sure you only activate ONE season. Go to Sim’s content manager and delete/uninstall the one you don’t want to use. You can always download it again. If you bought one season, go to Sim’s content manager and install it… No need to move any folder or files. Make sure you restart after installing.

If you don’t see any changes, install the season, clear your rolling cache, MUST restart the sim after installing.

For bug and support reports:
Email: or or Discord


:arrow_up: If you only get one scenery add-on, this is the one to have by far :+1:


The best add on for sure, although Bijan’s own Projects add on might eclipse it over the next few months fixing our harbours and coastines as well!


Just buy it.

'nuff said.

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one of the best mods for flight sim - even for xbox simmer.


How can I install on xbox?

you have to buy it on the marketplace - then install it over the content manager.

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I bought it last week. Highly recommend it.

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Best addon in MSFS. The dedication of the author is unparalleled with new updates or features coming in almost on a weekly basis for months now. Just buy it.

ps: not to mention the fantastic trailers after each update


Bijan’s 4 Season Pack add on is wonderful and his response to customer requests and suggestions is second to none.


Aspen Colorado enhanced fall season coming soon.


Actual photos of Aspen, Colorado:


Hey Bijan,

Hopefully you’re able to answer these questions as they are just discussion not tech support, but I’m wondering what settings you and other VR users use currently?

I’ve got a high spec machine with a 3090 and a Reverb G2 but I still have to make concessions.

I tried putting terrain and object LOD to max 200 in VR but it affected my frame rate so I’ve scaled back to 115. I currently have trees set to medium.

I wondered what the visual differences are if I increase to high or ultra. Does it make the tree detail sharper, or better, or does it mean they just render further away? Just wondering if I’m missing out on anything not having them maxed out?

I can max everything out easily in flatscreen, but I only sim in VR.

@bijanstudio Enhanced Fall Season in Aspen is looking good!

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It’s been three or four days at least since Bijan added more free stuff to the seasons pack. I think I’m starting to have withdrawal symptoms… :slight_smile:

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haha, Aspen and Alps fall update in coming in the next couple of days :wink:


great, maybe the Engadin region in Switzerland will be updated too ?

Looks great I suppose you can add all files in the add on linker app and apply the one sim link to the community folder dependent by on what season one is choosing???


I also fly out of LSZH. Looks nice there. Used to look like football fields. Now it is very beautiful. I fly there every day. Nice to see you here.


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Wow - almost speechless!

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Update V6.14 released.
September 24th, 2021

1- Enhanced fall season for Aspen, Colorado
Yellow, orange and brown pines trees, yellow birch trees and other colorful trees added in the area

2- Enhanced fall season for Alps
Small patches of yellow and brown pines as well as mixe of pine trees added throughout the whole alps mountains.

3- Fixed fall season colors in Managua city.

4- Minor fixes and enhancements.