Seasons by Bijan - Available for PC and Xbox - New Terrain Mask for Fall and Winter Season (PC Version)

Some of the NZA airports add their own biomes, I think. It throws off the changes made by the 4 Seasons Mod. I don’t mind much; it’s a minor annoyance. For example, I flew out of the new freeware Raglan (NZRA), and was treated to a delightful display of fall colors around the airport. Unfortunately, it’s spring in New Zealand… It was a very small area, though – and like I said, I don’t really mind much.

Raglan is a grass field, so I can’t speak to any runway/taxiway texture issues, though. I haven’t seen any issues anywhere else, though.

Looks fantastic! Would love to see more of this around Colorado! This map shows the location of Aspen trees throughout the state: Hardwood - Primarily Aspen - Colorado State Forest Service

Yep, also noticed this issue with Fall season North, Spring South enabled.
With Summer North, Winter South it is fine though…

I saw the trailer for Raglan and it looks great. I can see they have several freeware airports that look very high quality. I’ve not got them yet as I only fly around the south coast of England for the most part but is the scenery as good as the trailer suggests? I might grab some of their stuff and do a New Zealand too if they are worth doing…

Are these updates coming to Xbox, Bijan? I have your autumn, spring pack

I’d like to know to but I bet Bijan will tell us it’s in Microsofts hands and it’s up to them., or something like that. Am I Right? Haha :joy::joy::joy:

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You need to join his discord. I don’t think he’s posting here at the moment.

Updated link :

100 user limit removed.

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I am back but please avoid asking or reporting bugs, technical or support question here. You’re welcome to ask any of that on my discord channel or email. or Discord


Welcome back Bijan!

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Thank you @Kjaye767 :slight_smile:

May it is a „stupid“ question but do I something wrong that I only can see 3 seasons on XBox Marketplace? I miss Winter N. & Summer S.

Thanks in advance :+1:

Please see the first post in this thread on how to contact for support:

The forum isn’t support for 3rd Party addons, but rather a discussion of them.

Thank you.

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it is in the approval process… but it take months for microsoft /asobo to approve it.


I’m not trying to be funny but I’m having a hard time telling the difference between ‘seeking advice’ which is allowed and ‘support’, which isn’t.


Please avoid asking or reporting bugs, technical or support question here. You’re welcome to ask any of that on my discord channel or email. or Discord

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The best developer i have come across for supplying updates.Exceptional service.


Update V6.15 released.

Tasmania spring season colors fixed.
Japan fall season issues fixed.
Updated Southern California fall season colors and bush sizes.
Removed palm trees from the end of runway in Bugalaga.
Palm tree size reduced in some areas.
Removed the trees in front of Rwy 28R LOWK Klagenfurt
Fixed tree issues in LFLJ airport in all seasons
Changed trees to bushes in Heligoland island
Minor fixes and enhancements.


Every now and then I need to post this as educational for those who say pine trees don’t change colors in fall or winter. Yes, that’s true for some but not all; such as American Larch, Tamarack pine trees, Bald Cypress.
One of many sources:

These are not dying, but just changing colors in fall:


These trees grow in various part of the world, including USA.

Yosemite National Park 4K by Drone


In addition, many pine trees die yearly as well. Recent reports show massive amount of trees are dying in Arizona Sierra Park:

This is represented in fall and winter season mod.



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