Seasons No Longer “Started”

I am such a sucker for Photogrammetry.

Definitely not perfect… but I really like being able to, “Read the signs.”


I disagree. Seasons CAN be a mission-only thing. Go do any landing challenge. Regardless of the real weather at that airport, the season, the weather, the lighting, etc. is always the same.


You can disagree, but you’re wrong. :laughing:

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It would be an epic troll if seasons were only available in one Vision Jet mission. :joy:


Well, in defense of everyone that thinks seasons could only be limited to a mission, we definitely all got trolled by the Top Gun aircraft carrier when it was released as a landing challenge only. Over a year later and we still don’t have a working aircraft carrier. :laughing: That definitely taught us that just because something is implemented doesn’t necessarily mean its implemented in an unrestricted way. That’s my fear for fighting wildfires as well. I’d like to be able to do that freely and not tied to a mission, but that’s probably unlikely because game developers often completely miss what players really want and what would be most fun.


Thankfully Top Gun was a movie tie in, and like Dune or even Halo, I didn’t set my expectations sky high.

And it WAS freaking cool to fly a hypersonic, transcontinental flight… once.

I actually really enjoy the Darkstar. It was a solid fictional addition to the sim.


The only fictional plane I enjoyed. My spouse and I just sat and watched in stunned silence as I crossed the USA and found the airport in it!

Probably one of my top 5 experiences in MSFS since release.

How would that work in free flight? Does Meteoblue track these things?

Something would need trigger these events dynamically durin free flighr. If not based on real world data, then randomly, which doesn’t sound very good.

One of the very few redeeming qualities of Ex-Plane 11.

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Just as working WXR!! standard in P3D Addon for many many years, but the “brilliant” Asobo company made contracts which ban them from open up the code, so there will be NEVER a WXR… very clever Asobo… but no problem who needs a Radar in a “real” simulator. :rofl: :roll_eyes:

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It’s now apparent that msfs2020 won’t feature seasons. the dev simply makes us have a reason to pay for msfs2024.


I do hope that none of the current 3rd party season products stop working with any future FS2020 update(s).

Just to be clear, nobody will be forced to move on to MFS24. MFS20 will continue to function after the new version hits the shelves.

Depends on how strict you define «being forced». If features that were somehow promised in MSFS 2020 only come to MSFS 2024, it is close to being forced if those features are considered essential to someone. The important question will be: what will be implemented backwards into MSFS 2020…


Theoretically anything that doesn’t require the new graphics engine.

certainly the dev will stop supporting msfs2020 after a reasonable amount of time, say, one year or a few months.