Seat height moves up or down when turning head left and right

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In VR the pilots view (seat height) moves up or down when turning the head left or right. Movement occurs only when the head turns. Recenter with ‘F’ is possible, but effect remains. I think, it first occurs with su 15 beta.

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latest beta

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Moved to Sim Update 15 Beta Virtual Reality since OP indicated to be under latest beta.

I haven’t experienced this with a Valve Index using SteamVR. Maybe you could add information about your headset and the VR “runtime” you’re using?

I’m using a pimax Crystal with OpenXR runtime (not Steam VR).

After SU 15 beta and a Pimax-Software-Update, the bug has vanished. I tried it with three different planes under VR without problems. Will monitor it for the future.

I’m sorry, but the problem is still imminent. Especially when a flight has started and turning on VR-Mode inside the cockpit, the effect of ‘height moving’ occurs.
Solution for me: Entering VR-Mode BEFORE starting a flight. This seems to bring up a defined tracking mode for the flight. Since then, the problem was absend. Still monitoring …

I experience a similar “height change” but without being in VR mode. This started with the latest beta release ( It is noticeable but just annoying so I haven’t mentioned it until your post. I will need to try it without anything in my Community folder.

I haven’t had the issue with my Crystal, but on the G2 I was constantly battling heigh creep. I never saw it happen, I would just over time get too short, to the point I couldn’t see over the glare shield. It would often me on approach.

It didn’t seem to impact the collision points (they seemed to think I was still at the normal position) as I couldn’t translate the camera higher. I needed to reset the camera.