Seating height on view reset

I’ve recently started using the Quest 3 for VR, it’s going well but I’m trying to find out if there is a preset for head height?

When I start a session, I get the “Look forwards and press F12” message to reset my viewpoint but in the Guimbal helicopter, it always results in me ending up with the collective looking way high and when I look down, the seat base seems very close.

Is there a way to preset the perceived height when resetting ?

I have the recenter function bound to a button on my yoke (you could use the keyboard but I like not having to feel around for it in VR).

  1. slump down in seat a bit while looking straight ahead
  2. press recenter button
  3. sit up straight again

Voila, you are taller :arrow_up:

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The scrunch down method works but takes some trial and error. I have the hight and fore/aft controls bound to my hotas. The reset feature never puts me quite right so I tweak with the hotas buttons.

In addition to these great suggestions - I have bindings for translate view up and down (as well as left right) so I can move my VR position around if I don’t like where it puts me. Useful if you have vacant buttons to bind on your hardware.


Does anyone know how it locates the head height?

Seems odd that various users are not happy with it but there is not preset adjustment, having to move the head position up/down every reset seems odd. Seems especially weird in the Guimbal - for me, a normal reset puts the collective almost mid-chest which is way off.

Have you seen this? The HEIGHT Slider in Setting > General > Camera > Cockpit View.

It is GLOBAL though so will change it for ALL planes as default.
To do it PER PLANE you can edit the default pilot view in the cameras.cfg in each aircraft folder. Trial and error to get the value you want, so a lot of fiddling and reloading the sim until you get a feel for it.

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Not quite sure if it’s what you’re looking for but you can change the x,y,z coordinates in the camera.cfg file (per aircraft).

This is how the camera coordinates (height, lateral etc) are loaded (flat screen and VR). You can adjust the coordinates to better suit your preferred position. I have done this for some of the planes I fly to better suit my needs (e.g., bit closer to the dash, bit higher in the seat). That way, upon loading in, it defaults to my preferred position. Because the coordinates are saved in the cfg file, you don’t need to reset each time.

I think there may even be a free mod available that does a similar thing for many aircraft in the sim.


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Thanks all so far,

I’ll have a look at that height slider in a minute, forgot about that one.

It’s only VR that needs it for me as when in 2D i use custom VFR views but these have no effect in VR I think.

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The “Height” option in the options/cameras menu seems to help, bumped it up to 80 from 50.

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I find the seat night in the 172 is too low as well and cannot increase it. I’ve been flying real 172s lately and trying to replicate the seat position in the sim, but since the height is too low and cannot be increased it’s hard to match what my real world viewpoint is.