Seating Position in Cockpit

I am using a Rift S with all the latest Oculus and Microsoft updates. My GPU is an RTX 2080ti. My PC more than meets the specs to run MSFS in VR or any other way. I am currently flying the 172 G1000. I have tried using the VR camera settings, but every time I get in the plane I am sitting practically up against the yoke. I thought the alt up/down keys would let me change this, but no luck.

Ypor doing better than I, I’ve got the situation where I’m sitting backwards in the seat faceing the rear of the aircraft, Oculus C1 wisuals are great just can’t fly the aircraft in my current posaition.

Any one got any answers?

I’m going to try this: Camera offset in VR

@dragunovguy, what helped me was binding a key to “TRANSLATE COCKPIT VIEW FORWARD / BACKWARD”


@PoppyCashew844, Do you have a key bound for “VR Camera Reset”? I have this bound to the trigger of my joystick and it comes in handy.

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I’m really sorry you’re having that issue (sitting backwards) but I have to admit I snorted some diet cola out my nose when I read it! That is by far one of the weirdest bugs I’ve heard of! :grinning::grinning:
Sorry for your pain and I hope you get it resolved soon.

Try and get the beta drivers for Oculus. I just updated my oculus with the latest beta drivers and those issues went away. I was sitting in the cowling! :slight_smile:

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Is there a way to save the default seating position?

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I had the same issue. I kicked myself when I realized that in vr I could just move my chair back. I will try the key binding also.

Ctrl+Alt+1 to 9, recall with Alt + 1 to 9

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LOL just bind your VR Camera Reset to a button on your joystick/yoke…

Like others have said - 100% need the camera reset close by incase you get offcenter/sideways weird seating positions. Then have your keys set to move your view so you can seat yourself right where you’d like just like you would in the real thing. Profit.
To be clear this isn’t a MSFS issue - its VR in general. I had these issues in nearly ever VR sim based title I’ve used (XP11, P3D, DCS)

As someone said above. It’s an oculus problem. Just open the Beta tab in oculus and get the most recent Beta update. It fixes it all.

After you click Ready to Fly, make sure your body position and head are centered comfortably in your seat. Then press the space bar on your keyboard. You can then press the up and down buttons on the keyboard if you need to to adjust the seat up or down.

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I just installed the latest update on 12-23-20. Although I’m not sitting backwards ( thank goodness ), the up arrow no longer works to raise my seat, so I can hardly see over the instrument panel. This is especially bad when landing because I cannot see the runway unless I make a “dive bomb” approach. Any ideas? Incidentally, I am not using VR, just the old fashioned monitor. As a side note, I see that scenery now includes what appears to be Egyptian pyramids in the distance, but when you get closer, they disappear.

Thanks for all the replies. I do have all the latest drivers/firmware, including the Oculus beta software. Just did a fairly long flight in the TBM 930 from Prescott to Moab. While on the ground I brought up the toolbar, went to camera settings and chose Pilot. That instantly put me in the pilot’s seat the correct distance from the panel. If you need to zoom into a particular instrument you point at it with the mouse and press/hold the right mouse button.

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Perfection! I bound them to my joystick for now, we’ll see how that works moving forward. I was starting to think I was an 85 year old woman driving an Oldsmobile.


Best advice!
Thought this was common sense with VR simming.

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The reason you are backwards or out on a wind is due to the position you used in oculus setting up your play area. You can sit in the chair where you play your sim at and set your play area up again. Hitting space bar to re-center you will also fix it. You can lean forward or backwards and hit the space bar to adjust your forward and backwards position .

Hi all,

Above tips helped me alot, however I have a new/diffrent problem now.
I do not know what I did to cause it, but now when I lean forward or sidewards in VR, the Plain/cockpit just moves with me forward or sideward :frowning:
I hope one of you clever people is able to provide the solution for this.

Many thanks in advance,
Best regards,