Second Hand Logitech Yoke + different Branded Throttling

Inadvertently bought my son “cheap” logitech yoke, which didnt have the thrust levers and have now got a dilemma as I presume any lever will work also in the sim and I can assign accordingly.

Can you confirm?

Yes, you can.
Logitech and others have separate throttles that use a USB port.
The round port on the yoke is for the older style connections.

thanks - where would i buy one? I have looked at a couple sites (USA but they dont send to UK or are the same price again)

Unfortunately, from posts I have seen here, they seem to be as scarce as the proverbial hens teeth in your area.
As you’ve noticed supply in America is fairly good.

think 90 was a bit steep for the yoke on it’s own?

If that’s in pounds, it’s not bad.
I’m in Canada, and the throttle alone sells for about 150 cdn dollars.
The combination throttle and yoke sells for around 320.

Thanks - trying to find the throttle too.