Second time in a week that a full reinstall is needed! Grey MSFS Icon

Hi Guys,

First, I need to say that my MSFS has never started booting at the first time I boot my PC. I have alway to reboot before MSFS would launch.

Now, it is the second time in a week that I’m trying to launch MSFS on the first boot (In some rare exception, it can launch), than that seeing it doesen’t launch, I reboot quick and when the PC is rebooted, MSFS icon is greyed and Windows mentions an error (cannot open the application). It asks to go on MS Store where it says that I need to reinstall the game.

I had read the articles on Zendesk, tryed to repair (right click on the icon/Plus/Parameters), do my Windows updates, etc. But nothing helped and I had last week to do a clean reinstall that imply to dowload 120 G over two days.
Now the same error occured in less than a week and it is much less acceptable than the first time. I don’t want to reinstall every week!

Any idea on what could it be?

PS I’m backuping aircrafts and scenery files from the Official folder in attempt to accelerate the reinstall, if I need to go forward, as per this method: Microsoft Flight Simulator | Re-Install MSFS2020 in Seconds - YouTube
I also did all the steps mentionned on Zendesk about install, updates, MS Store, Xbox app, etc.

I have same problem. Have just managed after a week of trying all suggestion to download install for third time and ran sim all worked fine then had a message updates pending in the store so ran store app and now MSfs2020 greyed out and only option is to install via xbox app or store…This store app is the worst ever. I have no idea how to fix all this as have tried everything just like you.