Security program blocks msfs

I recently installed a new Netgear router on my PC. After the installation was completed, I checked to see if MSFS worked OK. It did. Later, I got a message that said I could try Netgear Armor security free for 30 days. I decided to try it. Later, I tried MSFS again, and it would not launch. Then I went to the MS store, and every time I tried to find anything that might solve my problem, I was blocked. I ended up deleting Netgear Armor and system restoring my PC to an earlier date. That worked to bring back MSFS and the store, but caused major inconveniences trying to get everything else back like it should be. I’m now leary of security programs. Anyone else had an experience like this?

Hello @OrangeBacon8637,
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There are a lot of false positives with security programs and gaming servers. It’s best to report these to the developer of these programs. In this case, Netgear.

Most / nearly all security programs cause more issues than they solve.

False alerts, quarantining of ‘suspicious’ files which are integral for programs to work and lots of annoying pop-ups.

In the past, Windows Defender was derided. Yet now, it’s one of the best anti-virus apps, least problematic and most importantly, already paid for in your Windows licence.

Just ensure that Netgear Armor is completely uninstalled (including any helper programs and and entries in your PCs registry).
Windows Defender with up-to-date definitions and an occasional scan will do the job just fine.