Seeing other aircrafts on maps

I fly mostly with other people in groups and use mapping programs such as FSTramp & LittleNavMap. When will we be able to see other aircrafts on mapping programs such as the two I mention?

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SimToolkitPro has this feature.

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LittleNavMap already has this feature for AI aircraft.

I don’t have AI aircraft turned on, but LittleNavMap shows the same live traffic as depicted in the sim.

Its odd because sometimes you can but not sure if its real life traffic or other online users.

In my case, it’s real life traffic. It will show the flight info…airline, alt, speed etc. I have online users disabled as well, so don’t know if they show up.

I’m not interested in AI, It’s the other real people I’m flying with I want to see on a map.

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Here is a topic in Wishlist that you might want to check out:

I’ve been talking about this very subject to others. Without a map such as LittleNavMap or FSTramp where you can see where your friends are and you can easily identify them you cannot act as an ATC, it is because of this problem many who I know will not change to flying MSFS. It really needs addressing by Asobo. I’m not bothered about seeing AI traffic it’s the real people I want to see on a mapping program.

There is another thread running about this subject and you can add to the WISHLIST by voting on it. go to here and add your vote, the wish might come true if enough add to it. go here VFR Map with live position of my friends

My son has cracked the problem, you can see all pilot friends with labels on Little Nav Map go to here if you want to download his tool … Virtual Flight Online Transmitter

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