Seeking someone to fly with in Australia

… or a Timezone that might work for both.

I’m not a real world pilot but do like to follow procedures. So looking for a like minded person to fly with. Looking for realism and learning. So a rwal world pilot would be cool. But not a requirement. Preferably GA.

Would be cool to fly with someone. I’m pretty new to multiplayer. So may need help.

Hey mate, I’m not sure about schedules until next week. But…

I am starting a bit of an around Australia tour again. I have an RAAUS license so I’ve only flown two seaters in real life but I fly mostly using real CTAF procedures. My license only allows class G flight and my real aircraft doesn’t have AP or GPS though I don’t let that stop me in the sim of course :slight_smile: I have reduce AP flight a lot though. What is the point of spending all our time on AP!? I’m not saying you would have to do that, it is just what I do. Even using a GPS takes a lot of the fun away.

You say GA so I’ll give you an idea of what I often do.

  • I almost always take off from an airfield I landed at.
  • I usually fly the Carenado M20R though I have the Cessna 182 and the PA-44. I use those because they are better simulations of real aircraft than the defaults. I prefer the steam gauges compared to glass because the glass cockpits are so incomplete.
  • At the moment I am doing short trips of 50 to 100nm at 3,500 or 4,500 ft. I was getting bored using AP a lot.
  • Most flight plans are direct but I do like to do real nav techniques so sometimes I sometimes do flight plans in avplan (a real world flight planner) then fly those with the GPS turned off or used as a secondary nav source (my real aircraft isn’t allowed to use GPS for primary navigation by law).
  • I often don’t bother with MSFS ATC seeing it is so useless. Sometimes I do.
  • I fly between maybe 50 to 90% realistically in the sim. The main deviation is because of cloud. In the real world there is often weather that would be illegal or really really tough to fly in unless I had an IFR clearance. I won’t put off a flight because of that.

I flew the TBM a lot when I was trying to get from A to B quickly but that got boring quickly. Especially when it is so easy to climb to 30,000 feet where we can’t see much anyway and we are just in the air, not really flying.

When I use them, the only GPS facilities I ever use are altitude and heading hold. It makes me feel like I am doing the flying a bit more than just letting a computer do it and it also side-steps pretty much 100% of the AP bugs…

So if that is the kind of thing you could be interested in then let me know and we can try a flight or two.

I live in Adelaide.

Hey that sounds very nice indeed. I did 10 hours of RAAUS up here in Brisbane. Was great! But never completed. Long story. :slight_smile:

Most of my flying at the moment is the TBM. And if I want sight seeing, I switch to the 172 or 152. 152 when I want to limit auto pilot. :slight_smile:

I’ll be honest - I do use the AP a bit. But sometimes try and trim for x knots and hold an altitude. But I’m messy.

What you mentioned sounds perfect and I think we should try do some multiplayer. I can pm you and we can make a plan? Going around Australia in a 172 though might take some time. But keen to hear more about this. I was thinking more on the lines of different cities, airports and sites. But navigating around the island would be pretty good. I’m keen to try get something going.

I’m up in Brisbane.

No worries. I don’t have to do what I normally do every time so we can be flexible and try lots of things.

What did you do training in? I trained in the SportStar. Such a nice aircraft. I part owned a Jabiru 160 for a number of years and the MSFS IRIS version of the Jab is pretty good. It is slow if you want to get somewhere though :slight_smile:

If you like a bit of speed but still like VFR then the M20R is perfect at almost 50% faster than the 172 and I find it fun to fly on any airstrip. But I can use the C182 if you want to use the C172 and look at using the TBM sometimes.

Flight simulation is interesting because 99.9999% of us want to go somewhere fast or in something really big. In previous sims that was fine because most of the scenery was complete rubbish at worst and pretty but not that accurate except for major landmarks at best (Orbx). I started off slow in MSFS then started using the TBM everywhere then realised that al that fun sight seeing I was doing when slow had gone out the window and I was spending 90% of the time on AP! I started thinking “I wish I would hurry up and get to my destination”. Then thought, “huh, this is self inflicted, why am I doing it!?”.

So now I back to slow :slight_smile: But even though I haven’t flown for real in a few years I’m back to being able to maintain accurate flight without the AP and without having my head in the cockpit too much. It is a nice feeling!

Now that we have satellite mapping of the whole country, there are no repeating tiles, no guesses based on land classes, it is possible to navigate most everywhere realistically without a GPS. MSFS doesn’t have everything the real world has but it sure has lot more than we ever had before!

I do want to do some NDB/VOR and ILS work but MSFS bugs prevent that working in the aircraft I use at the moment. Hopefully MS will release the Carenado patches before I’m too old and feeble to fly anymore. OR I might just have to do it in a stock aircraft.

Anyway. That’s enough babbling about stuff in general from me. I setup a discord channel so I’ll send you an invite to it shortly and arrange a flight location and time.

Hi mate. I fly a lot out of Cairns, all over Cape York. Normally IFR in the Baron, Caravan or King Air. I use to fly that area in real life, so know it well.

I’d be interested in doing some flying together, VFR or IFR, dosen’t bother me. Also, I’d be happy to go anywhere around the country too.

Let me know what you’d like to get out of flying together, and when suits you best.

I would love to fly with anyone never used multiplayer yet as I would like to learn
and know when other people are flying

Check out FlightShare… There are several folks from Australia using it. You can see in real time where they are flying and if you have a group the voice chat is great.

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Hi, Emil Watson here from Melbourne, would love to do multi player flights too.

would like to do multiflying not sure how to