Selectable gate traffic

I have a mix of airliners, GA, and military aircraft installed on MSFS. One thing I love is when I see 3rd party aircraft appear at the gates and parking spaces. I wish all 3rd party aircraft would show in sim as gate traffic. (Then the 737 max would be worth the money to at least see the beautiful external model sitting at gates) Getting to my point… what I strongly dislike is when I see 3rd party GA or military aircraft parked at the gate. So I uninstall them leaving only my airliners installed for the few that do appear. I WISH I could select which of my default and 3rd party aircraft I would like to see as gate traffic, and the aircraft not selected would no longer show. Thinking it could be an autonomous process in which the sim reads the official and community folder and then presents the user with a list of all aircraft in which they could select the desired aircraft they would like to see at the gate. And while I’m typing this also what comes to mind is the ability to select a few default or third party planes to be the ai air traffic models until ai model and livery matching come to the sim one day.

I’m not sure if this is actually working or not. But in the aircraft.cfg file for each aircraft that you have installed. There’s a parameter on the Parking type (I don’t remember the actual parameter name). Where you can select Gate, Ramp, Cargo, etc.

I think by only selecting Ramp on the GA aircraft will force them to only spawn on GA Ramp parking spaces and not the Gates. Similarly, for Military aircraft, you can set the parking type as Military or Military Cargo, and that should also avoid them being spawned at civilian gates and parking and have them spawned on parking spots that are flagged as military.

So if you have airliners to set as Gate,Ramp… That should only spawn them in Gates and Ramp types and not on Cargo. Similarly, if you have Freight Liveries, if you only flag them to spawn in Cargo types that would do the same too.

That being said, if we assume the function is working, it still needs the Airport designs to actually set the correct parking types for each parking spots, otherwise, it still won’t work and the aircraft will be randomly spawned in different parking spaces.

I’ve seen what you’re referring to in the .cfg of different aircraft. Ill definitely give that a shot! Thank you for all your input.

I think the intention is at some future date for those settings and the airports and the game to all work together to spawn the correct traffic in the correct location. But it’s not working that way yet.