Selected parking spot deleted when setting an IFR approach in the World Map

No add-ons in my Community folder
Not using Developer Mode
Flying a Diamond DA62

After installing both updates today, when I choose “Fly Again” from the LogBook, my selected arrival parking ramp or gate (let’s call it “parking spot”) is deleted when I switch from Approach (Automatic) that I never use to one of the specific runway approaches, such as ILS30.

Prior to the updates today, while the World map would not always show the selected destination parking spot when I switched from VFR to IFR with a specific approach on the World Map, I would always be directed to my selected parking spot by ATC after I landed. Now, after these updates, ATC assigns me a random parking spot.

Please restore this functionality, or better yet, change the World Map to allow specifying Departure Ramp or Gate, Departure Runway, Arrival Runway, and Arrival Ramp or Gate for all flights, both VFR and IFR. Have the Departure Runway selector include the option “ATC Assigned” for those who want ATC to choose the runway.

I submitted a copy of this post to Zendesk, ticket # 96585