Selecting a graphics mode for Xbox Series X

I would like to be able to select the graphics mode on the xbox series x.
As it is in some games. Something like: 4k 30 fps / fhd 60 fps. Well, or something like that.
I have a 4k TV.
But more often I prefer fps than 4k.

Most likely the CPU will be the bottleneck at FHD; it’s unlikely you’ll be able to reach 60 fps in all circumstances regardless. With a Ryzen 5800X, faster than the Xbox Series X CPU, I’m still CPU limited to 40-45 fps around some airports.

XSX uses DirectX 12 which may reduce CPU load a bit, but I still doubt a 60 fps mode could stay near 60 in situations like big airports or cities.

60 fps. This is as an example. Will be stable 40 fps, I will be happy.
And rolling back the graphics settings for XBOx (Only xbox. as I understood from the forum for PCs with WU6 it became better), as it was in SU5 in the next hotfix, would also be nice …

I agree. If it was possible I would like a 1080p 60fps mode (Or at least 40 to 50fps)

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It’s something not often discussed here - what are the optimal XBox settings/TV settings (& not FS settings) for running FS. We are all just crossing our fingers that XBox will take care of it.
I currently am running at 4K, 60Hz, VRR, HDR10
but I have no idea if changing these settings would be benficial to FS or not.
I only have seen some refs from others here suggesting they found VRR to be causing some cockpit panning stutters. I haven’t had the time to research that though.
Other than that the only other ref I’ve seen about XBox settings is to not attempt to run FS at 120Hz, or get weird results if you do. Again I have not put this to the test.
It would be useful to have a more scientific approach to these things though and their effects on FPS in FS, but we all have different displays that we are driving.

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Let’s try to vote for this at the beginning of the thread.