Self Planned Bush Flights

I am in the habit of creating my own bush flights using on line mapping as my source for the route. Is it possible to start and end a flight from locations that are not registered airfields/airstrips/aerodromes?

Yes, you could use coordinates to setup custom waypoints for the start and endings.

Bushtripinjector allows you to change any Little Nav Map waypoint to be an airport to achieve this. You will find it on I develop bush trips with it and it is excellent.

Apologies folks and thank you for responding - just for something completely new I have been having Broadband problems :roll_eyes:

BriL0ve: could you perhaps explain to my ancient brain where I can enter co-ordinates to position the aircraft, on the ground at the start of a trip. I can see that maybe I could create a waypoint, fly to it from a designated airfield and land at the waypoint to start the journey but if I could position the aircraft on the ground at the waypoint that would be :+1:

Profsc420: sounds interesting and I will investigate the potential there. I have to say that I am not a fan of Little Nav Map, I find the interface very cluttered and confusing. I use Plan G to create flight plans whenever I want them, usually I use map and compass.

What I intend to try is to fly to a start point, fly the leg or legs, land and save the flight. Reloading the flight should start me where I left off to continue on my merry way?

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