Selling broken addons in Marketplace

Please can you take off or update 3rd party airport addons from Marketplace.

Example FIMP Mauritius FSDG, just does not load up and crashes the sim.

You are selling broken products which is a criminal offense.

If you can’t update it from the 3rd party company at least do the decent thing and take it OFF so others don’t buy it!


No it’s not … :roll_eyes:

And it used to work fine. If it doesn’t it’s either a conflict with a mod. Or maybe a problem with todays WU6. In that case the devs will surely issue an update shortly

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Why are you addressing this to the FS community? There’s nothing anyone who will read this can do about it.

If you want to raise a complaint then you will need to address it to Microsoft.

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better to the devs of the addon. Microsoft is only selling it.

The hilarious thing is it takes Microsoft 2 to 4 weeks to update products on the Marketplace when all the other resellers only take a day or so. This is supposedly because of “testing”. BUT, every new MSFS update breaks a portion of add ons, and Microsoft doesn’t seem to do a ■■■■ thing about that and just keeps selling the add ons in their flawed state with no disclaimers.

A: Asobo needs to get their act together and get the SDK stable enough that every incremental update to the sim doesn’t leave large swaths of the add ons, paid or unpaid, in a flawed if not entirely broken state.

B: Microsoft needs to suspend the sales or at least list a disclaimer for add ons while incompatible with the current version.

C: Asobo/Microsoft need to stop forcing new versions on people the moment they are released. Give at least a few weeks before the update is forced. Let people stay on the previous version until the dust settles, add-ons get updated, etc.

D: Ideally the program itself would be able to scan and check add ons and report add ons that don’t meet specs and standards so those can be disabled without HOURS of trial and error after every update to find which add ons are causing trouble.

E: The sim needs to allow for the installation/de-installation of add ons without having to restart the software. Ideally in real time during a flight, but if that’s too much to ask, at least between flights. Because having to restart the software entirely every time you want to test a set of add ons while trying to find problematic add ons is MADDENING.


It’s the same with the boeing 737 max, half the lights do not work on the aircraft of which the developers were contacted about on the day of released and yet a month on and still no update fix…


I bought KPIE (St. Petersburg-Clearwater International Airport) from the MarketPlace. The developer forgot the Control Tower. I made a Zen Desk report 6 months ago but it’s still without an update and without a tower. As far as I can find out there’s no way to contact the developer directly and no way to get my money back. Sucks.