Senior Hawaiian Tour

Please come and join us Seniors and Seniors to be. (I guess that includes everyone!)
We are touring Honolulu and the country all around it. Please if you can, download the scenery posted here. Really makes for a beautiful journey.
We are flying low and slow like 80 to 100 kph. So bring your small GA’s. I am flying my newly acquired Jabiru 170 at about 100 kts.
Feel free wander around. We will be landing at airports to let you catch up. Please wear a Hawaiian shirt. You will be checked on boarding.

Server: North Europe
Plane: Cub or Jabiru or equivalent.
Time in the sim: 5:30 a.m. local
Real Weather
Airports: PHNG PHJR NALF Back to PHNG

I will be in Discord in the FS server probably in one of the Flight Rooms.
Hawaii Senior Tour.pln (4.2 KB)

And the scenery download can be found here.

Our last flight was really fun. Thank you to my fellow pilots for the support.

The previous flight was indeed a lot of fun. Unfortunately the only time during the week that I have standing commitments is Sunday mornings. Regretfully I’ll have to bug out this time but I’ll for sure see you on the next one.


No Problem. See you next week!

Is there a discord link?

sorry, I miss data in my face

Have a nice flight with you. I had to make a stop in between. The dog had to go outside.
But I flew the tour to the end.
Until then…