Senior tour of southern norway

Please join me on a Seniors tour of the beautiful southern Norway area.
All welcome (Senior or not).
Trip is about 1.5 to 2 hours and I recommend an XCub or equivalent. Only 3 stops… and quite large altitude adjustments.
North Europe server.
Comms on Discord on the FS channel. Look for QWIZZLEMAN.
Set time for about noon and we can assess if live weather can be used at the time, otherwise recommend scattered clouds.

Flight Plan: Please note this flight plan replaces the one posted up to 2300 hrs (London+1) 13/06/2021
VFR Flesland (ENBR) to Anda (ENSD) REVISION.pln (7.1 KB)

Hope you can join me.

Thank you for this. Thoroughly enjoyed the scenery - gorgeous in VR. Newbie question if I may - I’m totally new to Discord. I opened the Qwizzleman window, but I never heard the audio. What did I miss?

Thank you.

Would be fun to do this after the Nordic update on thursday! Hope ENSD are back to “level” after that!

Thanks for your kind words about the trip. To chat on Discord: First of all you need to have FS stream on Discord. When you apply it comes up with a number below the request to respond to a statement. You need to click on it. Then find your name at the bottom of the left partition and click on the room that you want. Your name should then appear in that room. Also at the bottom is a settings gear. Open it and select ‘push to talk’. You may need to map a keyboard button for that. (I use right CTRL key). You can check it’s working by pressing the key and the circle around your name should turn green, and go off when you release it. You can test it on any room where there is a person. I’m away until next week so can’t re-do the trip until then at least, but you could always fly it solo. The flight plan will have gone to your download file I think.

Thx for the nice response. Actually, I think I did most of that. Guess I never put myself “in the room” so never heard the audio. I’m more interested in listening to the leader’s talk (rather than chatting), since you folks put so much effort into preparing these tours. Much appreciated.