Sense of height - Altitude and speed

Anything I can do to make high altitude feel… higher.
I’ve messed around a lot with the camera and zoom levels but even at FL 380 things feel lower then when I’m a passenger on an airline.
Much worse at night I’m guessing because the lights are to big or ?
Speed feels to fast, the ground goes by pretty quick just flying at 320kts FL380.


MSFS in VR enhances most of what you desire actually.
Having 3d terrain objects render VR’s native stereoscopic 3D you get a real sense of altitude when you see the clouds and terrain distance below you.
As for 2D mode, no idea.


Sense of space requires VR/3d. 2D can‘t do that properly although a larger screen with head tracking makes it a bit better.


320 kts,

what exactly type of speed?

Lol I’m trying to hold off on VR until the tech matures… shoot maybe need to reconsider that.


It’s only right, I as an avid VR evangelist persuade you.:smile:

So imagine being on ground with full scale 3D buildings and planes around you sitting in the cockpit of your favorite aircraft and feeling the mass of it. You being a small human sitting inside of a living breathing hunk of roaring shaking metal aviation tech in comparison.
Then taking off and watching those same life sized buildings, trees, etc etc shrink smaller and smaller as you climb. Then looking out of your window and seeing everything ant sized and popping out at you in full stereoscopic 3D.

Almost as if you can grab buildings, traffic, objects on the terrain down below.
As you descend and come in for your destination’s final approach you feel the sensation of speed as you pass trees, buildings and a cross road of ai traffic cars all rendered in stereoscopic 3d. Flaring and touching down you notice the runway lights and sensory landing aid/ taxi objects and markers zoom past your peripheral vision as you brake to meet your taxi turn off.:heart_eyes:


Im DCS with a good Hotas it‘s pretty nice but in MSFS a lot needs to be done. And if you want to actually use your hands to control the cockpit you‘ll probably wait forever :thinking:

As others have said VR is what you seek. Get yourself a nice headset and prepare for a transformation. It’s really awesome experience, and quite true to life, at least in the little GA stuff that I used to fly anyway. I hope you are able to try it.

Fly safe - John


There is nothing you can do to feel ANY altitude :wink: no matter how you change the camera or whatever you try it won´t help because what you see is always in 2D.
The only thing you can do is buy one of these awesome 3D-VR headsets. Holy cow these are awesome I remember playing Doom VFR and climbing this tower, my hands were dripping of sweat while holding the controller (fear of heights) AWESOME!!! That was one awesome ride! :smiley:

So do yourself the best favour of your life and buy a 3D VR headset and truly feel the altitude and thousands of meter vast empty space between your cockpit window and the ground.


Its strange isnt it how 3D does that. Its one of the reasons I love 3D cinema. When I watched Titanic in 3D, the sense of height down to the ocean from the stern deck where Rose was thinking of jumping was striking, something you just dont get in 2D.

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Titanic is available in 3D?! I didn´t know that. AWESOME!!
One reason more to buy the Oculus Rift II. Titanic, Subnautica, Flight Sim 20 and Robinson the Journey.

By the way why didn´t the passengers of the Titanic build some survival rafts made of a bathtub and some wood and rope? Bathtubs were not cemented in the rooms but standing on their own feet and the bigger ones can displaces 150 liters of water and swim perfectly on the calm ocean.

I will go shopping for a VR headset. Tell me, which do you recommend that would be excellent in both MSFS and P3d?

I don’t think you’ll ever get the feeling of being airborne unless you use a VR headset, I’ll be honest.

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Reverb G2 is the easy recommendation. Around $500 - $600, nice visuals, comfortable, excellent positional audio. I love mine.

As a monitor I use a 70 inch, 4K TV and playing MSFS on that just feels like I’m watching a Youtube video, I don’t understand how people enjoy it or get immersed.

Following and thinking VR.

What kind of Frame rates do I need before I think about getting VR?

Obviously 3D makes a big difference here.

I think the underlying reason is parallax. If you are looking out of the window in real life and you lock your eyes to one angle then you’ll see the ground is whizzing by. This is hard to do in real life (try focusing on the edge of a window instead) but happens easily on a flat screen.

In real life your vision will lock onto the distant features and your eyes gradually move with them, this makes it feel considerably slower than it really is.

It could be argued that the 2D sim is a more true indication of real speed and you should be complaining that real life needs fixing because it looks far too slow! :wink:


Normal 2d 3d
Zoom out,
then draw cockpit towards with altleft +arrow up
eventually speed up simrate or increase plane max speed in flight_model.cfg located in / msfspackages/officail/onestore/ selected desired airplane folder/simobjects/airplanes click tru folders

As mentioned above, head tracking helps, if you have only a screen, and no VR.
I have been using head tracking for a while, and it helps with immersion. I have very good sense of height and speed with that solution on my (slightly curved) screen.

VR must be awesome with MSFS, but I have not got a chance to try out.

First I had a Rift S but then I upgraded to the Reverb G2 for the increased resolution.

Yeah I use Track IR and it does help make things feel more dimensional.

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