Sensitivity: control surface authority!

Hello guys!

This problem won’t be solved by lowering INPUT sensitivity.

Flaring most planes feels like balancing eggs (even after update 5). This should not be the case, as surface authority will decrease with lower speeds (lower dynamic air pressure). It should be possible to easily control a plane on a linear response curve!

So in my opinion the problem is of aerodynamic nature. Probably dynamic pressure being accounted for too aggressively on control surfaces. Or a problem with inertia.

In addition there might be several other aerodynamic aspects, contributing to the problem. Like too low drag (even with flaps out), too pronounced ground effect, etc.

So, please ASOBO, review the aerodynamics formulas! This probably needs a little more investigation.

Thanks for the great sim overall and all your effort in andvance!

Agree with that the problem is not really the sensitivity but the forces applied especially on elevators and rudders: they are too strong.

Changing sensitivity makes it worst:

  • or the sensitivity is null (flat curve)
  • or the commands are not sensitives then violent (regular curves)
  • or the commands are violents

Even the autopilot is violent as soon as you engage VS. It is worst with update 5.

Just look at elevators and rudders: as soon as they move a little, the plane pitches/rears too violently, same thing for rudder.

So working on sensitivity will never solve the problem.


I’ve had no problems with my flares, at least I’ve gotten better at them. But I would agree about VS, it is quite aggressive. Also GS capture can lead to a hard dive at times. It used to be more gentle then that, I’m sure.

Interesting contributions at avsim on the issue :

There seems to be a more noticable reponse difference between slow and higher flight speeds on aircraft like the 172 G1000 or the Flight Design than before the patch. Have noticed controls are a bit doughy at slower speeds and required more input than I had noticed previously. And a little more twitchy at higher spepds than before. Probably done in the search for more realism.

Have you checked your sensitivity sliders with the new patch? The default for me was no longer linear, and felt the same to me, till I reset them.

When I put it on a linear curve it’s precision work to make smooth adjustments. Sure, a joystick does not have the same movement range as a real world stick or yoke, but I am able to make smooth adjustments in XP without a problem. This should be able in MSFS as well.

YES, I agree with OP.
I was using Joystick curves as a patch to make it flyable(an app which brought its own problems) and now I can trash it, but Asobo knew that this could’t be solved by just adding EXP curves, because there already were threads where we told them this. But they went and took the easy solution anyways.

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Leveling off above the runway has become very difficult since the latest patch in the Beechcraft Bonanza. At first the plane rotates normally with my input, then it suddenly pitches violently up (rotating the flight stick at the same slow speed as before) and when I move the stick back 1 mm it pitches violently down again. This happens while leveling off between 80-90 knots IAS.

For now a solution for me is to land with trim setting 20% up. Something must have changed with the input sensitivity curve.

AP has the same problem, wild pitching when engaging VS mode and the dolphin effect has gotten a lot worse to the point the plane will crash when using a high rate of time acceleration.

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We need greater (or user) control over the sensitivity curve. The generated curve just spikes the sensitivity at the far ends.

Other sims (X-plane and DCS World) all have custom curves where the user can clamp the curve “per” plane, or have a flatter linear line across the throw (X and Y paths), such as…

X = 10, y = 8

X = 50, y = 40

X = 100, y = 80

This is how I am mapped in other sims to control the total output / sensitivity depending upon the different planes / Developers. I am not sure if surface deflection / reaction / sensitivity is consistent across the board for all controllers and planes, but being able to dial in each plane has worked for me with custom curve settings.

I think Asobo should allow custom curves.

Yes I find oversensitivity on landing and take off to the extent the plane is nearly uncontrollable. This is a real change from the previous version.

Also find the extreme turbulence factor almost causes crashes at high altitudes.

Shame, as otherwise it looks amazing.

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Hi All, long time simmer, an actual CPL holder, I’ve about 250 hours on various GA aircraft, about 40 hours spent in Class D pro sims on jets 737/320 and 2000 hours on a Q400… I was really looking forward to this SIM but I’m left slightly disappointed about this sensitivity issue. This is not due to calibration, to prove this - you can take an A320 for a spin, land normally (if you can), wait for it to decelerate to 80kt, power Idle, yank the side stick all the way back - what happens? Aircraft pitches up and and you have a crash… in the real world there’s no way you would have any authority over elevator at such low speeds even if it was pointing all the way up. Elevator authority is not modulated correctly relative to speed at all.

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Flying the Beechcraft King Air 350 is no different. Very sensitive controls, jittery even. I could be in level flight, Autopilot keeping me at the prescribed altitude, practically no wind (head, cross or tail), and if the air surrounding my joystick is disturbed, it will wiggle it by 1/100th millimeter… and the whole plane will indignantly jostle side-to-side.

And I’ve made several sensitivity adjustments to correct for this, and nothing works.

Same thing for elevator trim.

Well put. Sometimes I’ll be decelerating through the 100 knots and the plan can ride a wheelie.

I recently noticed that the ground effect is really out of this world. You can especially see this with the A320. It floats like there would be fans on the runway, boosting you. A slight pull and off we go.

Beech Baron acts the same. Uncontrollable!
No matter how I set the profiles, even with the new settings recently added, it just rolls and pitches so badly during flight. WTF! :hot_face:

I think the lack of inertia also plays a big role in all that misery. A GA plane shouldn’t react like a fighter jet. Interestingly it’s mainly the elevator and rudder.

They feel like a puppet on strings the way they fly / react to input. Airspeed doesn’t play into it very much either. I can get the 172 to react the same at 70kts as I can riding the stall horn… Shouldn’t be that way.