Sensitivity page too simplistic

Before the latest patch gave access to the sensitivity controls some planes were almost unflyable. Since then we can now use the sensitivity slider to manipulate how much of our input is registered by FS2020 at various amounts of control input, but at full input the result is the same full input registered by FS2020. This is why the sensitivity slide is really a single curve exponential slide which is being used as a work-around for sensitivity. A more useful sensitivity slide would apply a multiplyer of less than 1 to make it less sensitive and greater than 1 for more sensitivity which would adjust the maximum amount of input at full controller deflection.

This is my suggested adjustment

Exponential - formally sensitivity
Dead Zone - as exists (with the addition of detent location)
Sensitivity - a multiplier applied to axis output
Zero Position - for that pesky axis that still sits at 4% when fully off (like the throttle)

Detend in the middle of the axis (such as Rud, Elev, Ailer) or detent at one end of the axis (such as throttle, mixture, prop, flaps) helps when setting the dead zone and zero position

Noise filtering - for averaging a noisey potentiometer that “flickers”


Hey @RattlingJeans44 - This is a very worthwhile suggestion.

Suggest you use the #self-service:wishlist subcategory to let the dev team know about this specific feature you’d like to see added or improved.

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i rather just use the tools that came with my equipment. i get that some people hate it to use “third party tools” but since they are almost always more capable anyways i just don’t get that argument.

and apart from this alone one can use those tools and tweak things while actually being up in the air.

just my 5 cent though.

Wonder how the new Airbus throttle hardware detents work with FS.