Sensitivity Settings on Throttle

In the FBW Throttle Calibration it advises to set the throttle sensitivity to Zero, no matter how hard I try I cannot get them to zero, its either 1, 2 or -1 -2 , cant even see a zero and the sliders are so awkward to slide, anyone advise plz.

If you press on the slider with the mouse you can then use the mouse wheel to adjust the slider in smaller increments, that should allow you to set it more precisely.

Even the mouse is not sensitive enough, in my case it follows her Windows sensitivity settings and scrolls 2 pixels a time, as a result I am not able to manipulate my throttles and trims accurately, for throttles it is always +/-2%, for trims it is 0.2. I have to re-calibrate Windows settings if I want the mouse work properly in the sim, but if I do this, I have a huge pain scrolling pages in other applications on my 4K monitor:)

In response to Tinged, I am going to try that, cheers.