[SENT BUG] Simconnect activity causes stutter

Using SPAD.Next to control Saitek panels.

When active, it adds significant stutter

I use LittleNavMap and noticed nasty stuttering. It took quite a bit to realize that it was coming from LNM/SimConnect. I never would have suspected. This didn’t happen in the beta.

yes, can confirm little nav map makes game stutter like hell

If you go to the Tools menu in LNM and open ‘Flight Simulator Connection’ and disable fetch AI aircraft and ships, it seems to run smoothly. At least until we get a fix. This was fixed previously, but seems to have come back.


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Outside based add-ons communicating via simconnect is well known for causing performance issues!
Asobo is well aware of this since quite long ago… Let´s hope for a patch soon!

Thank you!! That did it for LNM. No more stutters.
Now, other simconnect clients, such as FlightEvents still suffer from this, so I hope Asobo/MS fixes the root cause soon.