Separation of download modes: updates and streaming?


I fully understand that high-speed internet is a necessity to use the fantastic features of MSFS online. However I do not understand why such large bandwidth is also required for downloads related to updates.

This is more than penalizing for a large number of users who do not benefit from fiber or even ADSL+. With my configuration (ALW) and MSFS version not completely updated the simulator runs at 30 fps in off-line mode, which is quite correct and allows to appreciate reasonably well the qualities of this simulator.

Despite many tests, thanks to those who helped me, it is now almost certain that the updates will not be able to be completed (install loop problem) with my ADSL- ( < 5Mbps). So thanks to the developers who didn’t understand that a separation of download functions could be necessary for a very large number of users. Perhaps it was not possible, I think it will be the answer if any.